1st Annual summit on Advance Biology & Chemistry held at Marwadi University

1st Annual summit on Advance Biology & Chemistry held at Marwadi University

The 1st Annual summit on Advance Biology and Chemistry (ABC-2018) was successfully held from 1st-3rd February 2018 at Marwadi University, Rajkot. The conference was jointly organized by Department of Microbiology and Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science (FoS). At the outset, we would like to thank the management of Marwadi University for their continuous support and cooperation and MEFGI for providing space, infrastructure, facilities, financial assistance and manpower. Other funding agencies, such as Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission (GSTBM) and Metrohm AG Pvt Ltd also made a valuable contribution to financial support. With respect to registrations, 335 people registered (with 107 other university participants) and more than 11 eminent speakers from several reputed institutes of India viz. National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) Pune, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore, Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) Lucknow, The Energy Research Institute (TERI), IIT-Bombay, IIT-Kanpur and Agharkar Research Institute (ARI), Pune visited and delivered talks in scientific sessions organized over a 3-day event.

The opening ceremony had a special welcome speech from Dr. R. B Jadeja (Dean-Marwadi University), Dr. Amarpreet Singh Arora (Principal, Faculty of Science, MU) and Prof. Anamik Shah (VC-Gujarat Vidhyapeeth). The conference was attended by Prof. Anamik Shah (Vice Chancellor-Gujarat Vidhyapeeth), Prof. M R N Murthy (IISC-Bangalore), Dr. Debabrata Maiti (IIT-Bombay), Dr. S. Matheswaran (IIT-Kanpur), Dr. C. V. Rode (NCL-Pune), Dr. C. V. Ramana (NCL-Pune), Dr. Sanjay Singh (ARI-Pune), Dr. Sunilkumar Deshmukh (TERI). Dr. P. M. S. Chauhan (CDRI, Lucknow), Dr. Bipin Pandey (NFDD, Rajkot), Dr. G. Nareshkumar (MS University, Baroda) and Dr. S. P. Singh (Saurashtra University, Rajkot).

ABC-2018 provided the students with a meaningful platform to update themselves on the latest developments in the field of research as well as, to share their findings, results and ideas with audiences beyond their classroom or research institutes. The ABC-2018 was filled with enthusiasm and provided a great opportunity for social interaction and networking with a renowned scientist, initiate new collaborations, exchange ideas and provide an important foundation for future individuals, academicians, a young scientist, industrialist, entrepreneurs and community.

During the three-day event, students from Marwadi University interacted with the eminent speakers for their future collaboration and guidance. Below listed few initiatives were discussed and suggested by the speakers of the conference.

a) Prof. M. R. N. Murthy suggested working in the direction of establishing the Bioinformatics Center at Marwadi University in joint collaboration with Department of Biotechnology. (DBT)

b) C. V. Ramana has shown a keen interest in hosting our student for the summer training for a span of 2 months and later for the dissertation work as well for M.Sc. Sem II chemistry students.

c) Similarly, few students can be accommodated at NCL Pune for their dissertation work free of cost in the research group of these scientists ( C. V. Rode, Dr. Ramana, Dr. Punji etc.)

d) A proposal on the future collaboration of Marwadi University with Indian Society of Chemists and Biologists (ISCBC) was discussed with Prof. Anamik Shah (president) and PMS Chauhan (Gen. Secretary)

e) During the discussion at Head Office Marwadi Shares and Finances, with our chairman Ketan Marwadi, the speakers have suggested more emphasis on the establishment of the research laboratory and research activities by the faculty members of Faculty of Science. Support from the different collaborations for further guidance will be available from these speakers.

f) Saravanan Mathesvaran has shown a keen interest in hosting our student for dissertation work for a span of 4-6 months. He was positive to visit Marwadi campus and deliver a talk or take a small unit from the syllabus for master’s students.

The valedictory message of Dr. Y.P. Kosta (Provost-Marwadi University) to the students was very encouraging and motivating to pursue research in interdisciplinary sciences. The felicitation ceremony was followed by prize distribution for the poster as well as an oral session. Overall the success of ABC-2018 was due to the engagement of the local organizing committee, the co-chairs, speakers, and delegates, students and of the many representatives of academia that attended the event.

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