Marwadi University organized an expert talk by Prof. D. G. Kuberkar on “Advanced Materials for Future Applications”

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The expert talk entitled by “Advanced Materials for Future Applications” has been organized by Department of Physics on 16th of February, 2017 10.30 AM at MC501. Invited speaker was Prof. Deelip G. Kuberkar, HOD, Department of Nanoscience and Advanced Materials, Saurashtra University, Rajkot. He has published more than 100 research papers and articles in his field and has been serving in academic field since last 23 years and has guided more than 24 Ph.D students and 10 M.Phil students. He has been invited to aware our students about the latest advanced materials and its technogical applications in various fields. The session was started by Head of the Department Dr. Jenish Patel and latter on Prof. D.G. Kuberkar has delivered his talk. He has started from periodic table by explaining groups and its properties of periodic table. He has also given idea about the nanomaterials and external parameters affecting during synthesis of materials. He has given information of ceramic materials and its applications in insulation. He has also included composite materials in his talk which are of great interest now days in variety of fields. Students have interacted with Prf. D.G. Kuberkar and tried to get the solution of their queries. After speech has been completed Dr. Jyotindra Prajapati, Principal, Faculty of Science had give a token of to Prof. D. G. Kuberkar and session was concluded by giving vote of thanks speech by Dr. Mukesh J. Keshvani.

Organized by: Department of Physics
Date: 16th February, 2017
Objective: To make students aware about advanced materials and its future applications in various technological fields.
Expected out comes: To make students aware for recent trends in technology and to help them to choose area of further studies.
Target Audience: M.Sc Physics & M.Sc Chemistry
Invited Speaker: Prof. D.G. Kuberkar, HOD, Department of Nanoscience and Advanced Materials, Saurashtra University, Rajkot.

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