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Vol 1: Inauguration and MoUs Signing of Marwadi University

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This Era defines education as the life transforming period for an individual. How do we define “Education”? Do we relate it to the activity of giving exams and getting grades or it simply means the promotion to higher class every year? Education from decades has been regarded as the instrument to bring change in the society. It’s because of education only that men learned the skill of producing fire and later on inventions kept on going and today we are in the era where education is the oxygen of the successful life. Earlier colleges and universities were only meant for attaining degrees for qualifying the eligibility criteria of jobs, but now the image has completely changed. This era defines education as the life transforming period for an individual. Education in this century means molding, restructuring, shaping, decorating and thereafter giving a unique identity to the individual when we talk about our country India, the one name which has been flawless in preparing the scholars for the global challenges, is Marwadi University of Gujarat.

“If your objectives are true, efforts are consistent and hard work is continuous, then you can bring the change in a short span of time” and Marwadi University is the perfect example of the same. In very short span of time, the university has received various bright achievements and has made its name among the top university of the Gujarat.

Marwadi University has received awards and recognition from the various governing body and recently the university received the appreciation from the Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani.

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