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Marwadi University organized an expert talk entitled by “Plasma for Plasmonics” and “Application of Plasma in Medicines and Agriculture” on 31st March 2017.

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The expert talks entitled by “Plasma for Plasmonics” and “Application of plasma in medicines and agriculture” have been organized by Department of Physics on 31st March, 2017 @12.00 PM at MC501. The lectures have been delivered by Dr. Mukesh Ranjan and Er. Akshay Vaid, respectively. Dr. Mukesh Ranjan has explained how plasma can be used for various technogical tools and some fundamental characterization tools used to study nanoparticles. Students have discussed with Dr. Mukesh Ranjan during the lecture and the session was interesting for students. Students have got knowledge of various plasma and properties of plasma. The session was than over handed by Er. Akshay Vaid who gave interesting and latest applications of plasma in medical and agriculture field. He had shown the real applications of the plasma in medical and agriculture field. Dr. Mukesh Ranjan and Er. Akshay Vaid have guided students for future projects and fellowship at Institute of Plasma Research. Students have discussed about applications in the future applications.

Organized by: Department of Physics
Date: 31st March, 2017
Objective: To make students aware about latest technology, characterization tool and future application.
Expected out comes: To make students aware about recent research fields think in a mannered direction in research and make them familiar with various technological applications.
Target Audience: M.Sc Physics & M.Sc Chemistry
Invited Speaker: Dr. Mukesh Ranjan, Scientist – SF, IPR, Gandhinagar & Er. Akshay Vaid, Engineer – SD, IPR, Gandhinagar

manthan 2017 is an brainstorming session organized by MU