MUFest – The annual fest of Marwadi University which was held on 16th and 17th of April which is celebrated for students to showcase their talent in the Tech as well as non-tech activities.

The fest was a grand success with more than 1700 registrations for 40 technical events. Students won the prizes of upto Rs.2,00,000+ by bagging the top positions in different events.


The students of mechanical department designed manually controlled ROBOTS that have the capacity to cover maximum distance in shortest possible time, overcoming the hurdles and be amongst the best.

mu students project
mu students project
mu students project

Ballon Bust Robo

It consisted of two people where one had to act as the blind and other guided to bust the balloons.

robo mu students project
mu students project
mu students project

Think Out of The Box

The event coordinator provided the common problem statement for which student/s had to work based on Design Thinking/Engineering approach.

mu students project
mu students project
out of the box

The Air Show

It was organised by EC Department consisted of 2 slots.
• In first Slot, there was a short work shop on how to design a Plane
• In the second Slot, MU student arranged Air show in the open space area

air show projects
air show projects
air show electronics

Junk Yard

A technical event of the Mechanical department was all about searching for the ultimate hands on team with great design minds who can churn out anything from heaps of scrap.[/vc_column_text]


AutoCAD event was to test skills of the candidates in the field of Design and Technology.

Fast N Furious 2K17

It was organised by Electrical Engineering, there were 4 stages to be completed.

Stage-1: Students had to start with the sack race and finish a distance. On arriving at Stage-2: The participants have to cross a spider web to reach
Stage-3. In 3rd stage, participants had to enter into a dark tunnel and find two flags before coming out of the tunnel, making it to
Stage-4. For completion of stage 4, participants had to jump on cement blocks.

Open Quiz

This event was organised by the IT Department. The quiz consisted of technical as well as Non-Technical questions which had to be answered.

placements recordevent-cyber-crime
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