Continuing Education Program on Cyber Security, Forensics, Crimes and Laws, July 14-16, 2017

Information technology has enhanced the communication & has facilitated the growth of trade and commerce. The technology has fastened the e-commerce, e-Governance, net banking, mobile banking, online share trading and other commercial transactions. Cyber Criminals carry out online frauds and other criminal activities such as online defamation, data theft, obscenity, online pornography, phishing and violence etc. The biggest advantage for the offenders committing online crimes is that they can remain anonymous. The regulatory sphere is still in a nascent stage and continuously evolving every passing day.

This program is organized by Marwadi University and CLS- Cyberra Legal Services aim to extend knowledge of cyber security, forensics & cyber laws amongst upcoming lawyers, IT, Management and Commerce Students.


Date: July 14-16, 2017
Time: 10:00 AM
Venue: MEFGI Auditorium (MC501)
Duration of the program: 3 Days[14th to 16th July, 2017]


Goals of the

  • To facilitate understand & critical understanding about Cyber crimes, Ethical Hacking, cyber security, forensics and cyber laws.
  • Exploration of the legal and policy developments in various countries for cyberspace.
  • To provide in-depth knowledge of Information Technology Act, 2000 including Information Technology Amendment Act, 2008.
  • Understanding e-Governance, Electronic Contracts, e-Banking & Secure electronic records.
  • To share knowledge of the regulation of cyberspace at national and international level.
  • To train and prepare a candidate to consider Cybersecurity, forensics and cyber laws as a career option.

Schedule of the

DAY 1 (14th July 2017)

Cyber Security, E-commerce & Enterprise Security

Speaker: Manik Lal Das [11.00 hrs – 13.00 hrs]

  • Cyber security threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks
  • Encryption/Decryption basics and application scenarios
  • Computer Security, Access Control Basics
  • Enterprise security
  • E-commerce security (Certification, TLS)
  • Case Studies

Lunch Break: 13.00 hrs – 13.45 hrs

Cyber Space challenges, Surveillance system, Hardware Security

Speaker: Anil Roy [13.45 hrs – 15.45 hrs]

  • Cyber space security challenges
  • Internet of Things – cyber-physical space
  • Surveillance system, Data/ Image Tampering
  • Virus, worms, spyware, ransom wares
  • Hardware/Device Security
  • Case Studies

Tea Break: 15.45 hrs – 16.00 hrs

Cyber Crimes & Laws

Speaker: Manan Thakker [16.00 hrs – 18.30 hrs]

  • Cybercrime techniques
  • Cyber Contraventions & Compensation under I.T. Act, 2000
  • Corporate Legal Liability under I.T. Act, 2000
  • Adjudication Process for Recovery of Losses under I.T. Act, 2000
  • Case Studies and Case Laws
DAY 2 (15th July 2017)

Cyber Crime & Cyber Laws

Speaker: Manan Thakker [09.00 hrs – 10.30 hrs]

  • E-signature and E-governance legality under I.T. Act, 2000
  • ISPs and Websites Legal Liability under I.T. Act, 2000
  • Regulating Cyber Space: National and International contexts
  • Case studies

Image and Data Forensics

Speaker: Nilay [10.30 hrs – 13.00 hrs]

  • Forensic Imaging, Storage Media Duplication (FTK lmager)
  • Windows Forensics Artifacts (Nirsoft/Syslnternals)
  • Forensic Investigation of Image (Autopsy)
  • Digital Evidence & Forensic Toolkit (DEFT)
  • Data Recovery (TestDisk / PhotoRec)
  • Case studies, hands-on practice, or demonstration

Tea Break: 13.00 hrs – 13.45 hrs

Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking-1

Speaker: Archit Agarwal [13.45 hrs – 18.30 hrs]

  • Email Hacking & its security
  • SQL injection, Cross-site scripting
  • Social Media Hacking & its Security
  • Web Hacking & its Security
  • Perimeter Security – Firewalls, Routers, Bridges, IDS/IPS
  • Case study and demonstration

Tea Break: 16.45 hrs – 17.00 hrs

DAY 3 (16th July 2017)

Cyber Crime & Cyber Laws

Speaker: Manan Thakker [09.00 hrs – 10.30 hrs]

  • Computer Fraud Techniques
  • E-contract & Electronic Data Interchange
  • Basics of ISO 27001
  • Security policy, compliance, standards
  • Basics of Disaster recovery planning, Business continuity planning
  • Case studies

Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking-2

Speaker: Archit Agarwal [10.30 hrs – 13.00 hrs]

  • Mobile Hacking & its Security
  • Wi—Fi Network Hacking & its Security
  • Windows Hacking & its Security
  • Software Hacking & Reverse Engineering
  • Data storage, Data leakage – security and privacy implications
  • Case study and demonstration

Lunch Break: 13.00 hrs – 13.45 hrs

Cyber and Media Forensics

Speaker: Manan Nilay [13.45 hrs – 17.00 hrs]

  • Registry, NTUSER.DAT, USERCLASS.DAT Analysis (Regedit, FRAT, Scripts)
  • RAM Forensics (Concepts & Artifacts Analysis)
  • Smart Phone Forensics (AFLogical, ViaForensics, MobileEdit)
  • Multimedia Forensics (JPEGSnoop/lmageHeader Analysis)
  • Case studies, hands-on practice, or demonstration

Tea Break: 16.45 hrs – 17.00 hrs

Examination Pattern

Examination Pattern: MCQ Pattern
Time: 17.00 hrs – 18.00 hrs


Course Fees: Rs. 10,000/-
Pay through DD Favour to Marwadi Universal Education Pvt. Ltd.

How to

The application form can be online filled up from

Candidate should write “Certificate Program on Cyber Crime, Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, and Forensics & Cyber Laws” on the envelope containing DD (name and contact no written behind) and have to send it to below address.

Continuous Education Program on Cyber Security
Program Coordinator
Mb 255, Marwadi Education Foundation,
Rajkot-Morbi Highway, Gauridad-360003,
Rajkot, Gujarat.



Marwadi University:
Continuous Education Program on Cyber Security
Program Coordinator,
Mb 255, Marwadi Education Foundation,
Rajkot-Morbi Highway, Gauridad-360003,
Rajkot, Gujarat.
Contact No: 0281 – 2924154 Ext: 206 Mobile no. : 7874182588

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