FCA Department of Marwadi University organized an Industrial Visit to Chennai

Infotainment Club from Faculty of Computer Applications department organized Industrial Visit to Chennai as a part of activity for 2017-18 term. The schedule of Industrial Visit was from 16-Aug-2017 to 22-Aug-2017. Students of Marwadi University visited following 2 companies during Industrial Visit:

1) Kaashiv Infotech


The visit to Kaashiv Infotech was done on 18-Aug-2017 in the first half of the day for 3 hours. Mr. Venkatesa Prabhu, CEO of the company delivered about latest trends in IT and about various tasks carried out by Kaashiv Infotech. Mr. Venkatesan Prabhu is MICROSOFT MOST VALUABLE PERSON and handles many companies apart from Kaashiv which are situated in India as well as in UK and US. By looking at the performance of students he agreed to give free industrial training to students on some live projects and apart from that he showed interest in signing MoU with Marwadi University. Kaashiv Infotech also distributed certificates for all students who visited. He also emphasised on various research activities especially in the area of Security, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Robotics.


The visit to HTC – ITMR was done on the second day of Industrial Visit i.e. 19-Aug-2017 for first half of the day. HTC – ITMR has many branches within Chennai hence they were invited to the HTC Global Service Centre at HTC Towers at Guindy. The sessions at HTC-ITMR were split into two parts as follows:

1. Dr.Muthukumaran Balasubramanian (HTC-ITMR):

Dr. Muthikumaran explained about various activities which are carried out by HTC as Global Service Centre. He explained about various types of Log Management techniques where they take use of Big Data and related tools. During his talk he also explained about Basket Analysis / Web Analytics / Text Mining which are used to track record of various activities.

2. Ms. Mubeen Sulthana (HTC-ITMR)

Ms. Mubeen explained about basics of Big Data Analytics. She explain about the same from the beginning. Explained about 4Vs Characteristics of Big Data. During her talk she explained about R Studio, Anaconda, Weka, SAS, Kiss Metrics, etc. She explained the process about NoSQL storage architecture to students. During her explanation she explained StarBucks New Coffee Flavour example where company collected data from social networking sites to know the impact of newly introduced coffee flavour.

Places Visited in

Apart from companies visit, students were taken for sight seeing places of Chennai as follows:

1. Snake Park: This is a tourist destination with a difference – you can get too see many varieties of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes at close quarters. This apart there are other reptiles like lizards and crocs. You can find turtles and spiders too. The Snake Park is maintained by the Madras Snake Park Trust.

2. Chhenai Museum: The Government Museum is fantastic place where we can see human history and culture located near by Chennai. It is particularly rich in archaeological and numismatic collections. This is the second oldest museum in India after the first one in Kolkata.

3. T-Nagar and Express Avenue: Thyagaraya Nagar, popularly known by its abbreviated form T. Nagar. This is one of the biggest shopping area in South India. The neighbourhood is considered the biggest shopping district in India by revenue. Express Avenue is a shopping mall in Chennai promoted by Express Infrastructure, a subsidiary of Indian Express Limited Group. It is home to the largest gaming arcade in South India.

4. Mahabalipuram: The city of architectural sculptures, rocks and beach. Mahabalipuram has a group of sanctuaries carved out of rock in the 7th and 8th centuries. Most of the monuments are rock-cut and monolithic. They are constituted by cave temples, monolithic rathas (chariots), sculpted reliefs and structural temples.

The stay during the visit was done at Hotel Golden Tower with AC accommodation on 3 sharing basis. 2 vehicles (one 51 seater bus and one tempo traveller) was arranged for students during their visit to various places in Chennai and Mahabalipuram.

Dr. Sridaran, Dean – FCA department was the major resource person who helped out in order to arrange Industrial Visit in Chennai. The Industrial Visit was organized by Prof. Nilesh Advani, Team Leader of Industrial Visit club and was also accompanied by Prof. Hiral Thakar. There were total 61 students who joined for the Chennai Industrial Visit.

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