CII’s Smart Villages & Cities – Innovation Challenge

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About the Event

The Innovation Challenge is a participative contest for 3rd & 4th year UG students and the PG students who have some unique idea and are able to showcase that their ideas work. Our Taskforce has planned to organize this Challenge in 6 regions covering the whole state with the final round to be organized in Gandhinagar/Ahmedabad at the end to felicitate the state level winners. This is the first of this series and opens only for Rajkot Region covering districts of Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Junagarh, and Somnath.

The interaction will be a significant platform for the academia, industry and other stakeholders across the state to discuss the dynamics of the smart cities & villages and to realign their strategies and operating models to the changing sectorial trends and policy frameworks.

The session will provide an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about the emerging trends & future projections in the sector.

Students need to submit and present innovative & implementable ideas/working models which can help make our villages/cities smarter and improve the lifestyle of the citizens.

Some guidelines:

  1. Projects should be submitted digitally only.
  2. Submit your Project at
  3. Your submission must contain a doc/pdf document not exceeding 10 pages.
  4. You may also upload images/videos of your project if it has been implemented.
  5. Work-in-Progress projects can also be submitted.
  6. Do mention the ‘track’ from the following list which you think represents your project best. If you don’t find a suitable track, write ‘Other’ in your submission.
  7. An idea which could not be tried even for its proof-of-concept may also be submitted under ‘Idea Only’ category.
  8. A bonafide certificate from the authorized official of your college must be submitted.

Tracks for Submission are:
Built Environment (Manmade infrastructure, such as home, park, roads, community centers)

  1. Power & Energy (microgrids, renewable and innovative ways of power generation, energy harvesting)
  2. Telecommunications (broadband, secured network)
  3. Transportations
  4. Water (Supply, sewage, treatment, harvesting)
  5. Health (health services, basic infrastructure, mother & child care, elderly & differently abled persons care)
  6. Education & Skill development (use of technology for education and learning, vocational courses, incubation support, focus on STEAM, Cyber Policy)
  7. Agriculture (Managing crops, cattle, irrigation, Food & Agro and Dairy products, market)
  8. Entertainment
  9. Public safety
  10. Legal services
  11. Disaster Management and provision of redundancy
  12. Finance (Digital payment services, Banking service)
  13. Smart People (who build, use and sustain a smart village, Human Development Index)
  14. Other

In your submission, do include:

  1. Uniqueness/novelty of your proposal
  2. Technology used (what is the core technology that is responsible for your proposal to succeed, for example: 4G, sensors technology, wireless sensor network, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Data Analytics, Intelligent System, Wearable Devices, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Robotics, RFID etc.)
  3. Innovation suggested and/or implemented (what is your central contribution in this proposal)
  4. Cost of implementation
  5. References (if similar model/project already exists)

In the conclusion section:

  1. Livability (how does your proposal improve/enhance what is currently available/existing, how it would provide convenience and remote control capabilities)
  2. Workability (how easy is your proposal’s implementation, how does your proposal lower the hassles and increase the satisfaction in what exits currently)
  3. Sustainability (how does it address Return on Investment issue such that the policy makers and/or enablers would implement it. For example how does it reduce energy waste, water waste, carbon emission, how does it empower/ensure a safer household)

Event Date: 04th October 2017
Last date of Submissions is 24th Sep 2017
Project can be submitted at

Your positive response & confirmation would add great value to the Initiative.

For further information, your office may connect to:

Varun Gopalakrishnan, Executive Officer, Confederation of Indian Industry, CII House, Gulbai Tekra Road, Near Panchvati, Ahmedabad – 380006.
Tel: 079-40279914

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