Ms.Hemali Pandya

Improve traffic lights and follow rules.


Roads should be made broader and dustbins must be placed at different places.

Ms.Ila Patel

Solar powered sensor enabled waste bins, that measuring waste level and compress the waste to prevent overflow.

Ms.Bharti Padariya

Personal health check-up at doorsteps, with table top devices.

Usha Dobariya

Adopting eco-friendly technologies.

Aruna Patel

Optimising city mobility app, plan and buy your most efficient route, real-time traffic data for reducing congestion.

Kaushik Hirpara

Increase the mass transportation and CNG vehicle to reduce the two-wheelers.

Dipendrasinh Jadeja

Developing ” city guide app”. water recycling system, recharging groundwater, and the underground road must be developed.

Dhrutijeet Jhala

The well-planned and programmed education system, creating awareness for the same.

Jayadityasinh Jhala

Smart healthcare system, paperwork should be reduced to save trees and must be done online.