Workshop on Case Teaching and Case Learning for Teachers of Management Department

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Benefits to the participants:

Case teaching is mixture of art and skill.

The crux of case teaching is to provide the students with an interactive experience and bringing them a step closer to real business situations. The discussion process of these cases depends on a delicate set of relationships. Teacher to Teacher, Student to Student, Student to Teacher and Class to Material.
Hence after this discussion process the action itself will drive the analysis.

About the workshop:

The workshop seeks to provide basic inputs of case method of teaching and learning in management education and attain required skills to write a case to participants. Day one of the workshop focuses on the application of case method as a teaching tool and its effective implementation in a class, while day two focuses on the mechanics of Case Writing and Case development.


18th and 19th January, 2018

Organized by

Faculty of Business Management

Who can participate?

  • Faculty members from Management institutes who are interested in adopting case method of teaching
  • Research scholars who are willing to use case method as a part of their research.

Registration Details:

Registration fee including accommodation facility is INR 500 for 2 days. Kindly click the following link to register yourself:

In case of any queries contact:

Dr. Meda Srinivasa Rao (9998029099) & Prof. Amar Vijay Gandhi (9574043369)


Seminar Hall, PG Building Marwadi University Campus

Highlights of Day1

The take home for the participants:
Case teaching is mixture of art and skill. The core of case teaching facilitates the students learning case studies which in return provides an immersion experience bringing students as close as possible to real business situations. The case discussion process depends on a delicate set of relationship. Teacher to Teacher, Student to Student, Student to Teacher, Class to Material and finally in the discussion process action drives analysis.

Highlights of Day2

“Workshop on Case Teaching and Case Writing for Management teachers” was organised by Faculty of Business Management, Marwadi University on 18th and 19th Jan, 2018. Case Writing is an art to collaborate with self, analyse, organise and express thinking for readers Mr. Ketan Gandhi, CEO, Kgguruji Consultancy and Services- Resource person for the Day – Two commented that Every class with Case method is “Leadership Laboratory.”The session focused on writing of case study and covered several aspects like Alignment of cases with syllabus, Case design, Industry background, Protagonist, Writing style, Approaches to case study, Developing content and delivering in class. At the end of Day – Two, Participants designed their own Caselets for classroom discussion.

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