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‘As we enjoy great advantages from the inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours, and this we should do freely and generously.’- Benjamin Franklin

With this spirit of giving back to the society, 2 teamsof Marwadi University participated and Won the 1st and 2nd place in a competition held in Delhi on 28th October, by IEEE SENSORS COUNCIL, beating some noteworthy adversaries like BITS Pilani, IIT Delhi, Ahmedabad University, DAIICT,and many more remarkable names.

The 1stprize is a grand amount of $1000 won by Team 1 of Marwadi University – ‘Smart City Lab’ – 3rd Semester from ‘Electronics and Communication’,and the 2ndprize isan impressive $ 500 amount bagged by Team 2 of Marwadi University3rd Semester from ‘Information and Communication Technology’.

The Subject of this competition wasMake Your Own Sensor Application – MYOSA!

The first team designed a DRONE with an attachment which has a system which detects harmfulgases from the environment along with the temperature and humidity. This is sent to a server application which ishosted on cloud servers. This entire contraption is attached/detached to a drone very easily. The drone was made from the kit provided by MYOSA.

The data captured by sensors is visible on the webpage and is easily accessible on any device connected to the internet. The highlights of this device which caught the judges’ attentionwere that the device can be controlled with a remote, has a range of upto 5 km’s and is cost-effective. And the most amazing part was to bring together this whole attachment in 10 minutes and submit the device.

We are extremely proud of your achievement -SmeetSangani, Adit Chauhan, YashvantChovatiya, and Vijay Makwana. Congratulations to the Team and the Mentors – Bhavik Bhansali and Prof. Ravi Butani.

The 2nd Team from ‘Information and Communication Technology’ – 3rd Semester, Marwadi University, designed a ‘Drowsiness Detection and Safe Alarm System while Driving’and grabbed the 2nd Prize.They havedeveloped a system which detects the drowsy state of a vehicle driver.An auto alert is generated to inform the driver as soon as the device detects any symptoms of sleepiness in the driver. On the basis of mathematical calculation, the system also keeps the driver aware about safe distance required while drivingwhen an object is detected on the road which may collide.As a last resort, if there is no option available to prevent a collision, this detection device will apply the brakes.The drowsiness has been measured by raspberry pi module and auto-brake system computing is done by the MYOSAkit offered by the IEEE sensors council. The highpoint of this device is its abilityto prevent road accidents.

Hats off, KishanShingala, Marlin Shah, Dhanraj Bhedi, TarakGopani, AbhiKevadiya,and the proud Mentors Prof. Nishith Kotak and Prof. C.D.Parmar.

Kudos Marwadi University – for giving wings to the dreams of these Students!