KATHAN 2018-19

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A concerned effort to preside our heritage is a vital link to our culture, educational aesthetics, inspirational and economy legacies – all of the things that quite literally make us who we are.” – Steve Berry.

The institute of Design at Marwadi University includes Faculty of Architecture, Interior design and Visual Art, have organized a Platform “Kathan”, which exhibits and co-learn from traditional and vernacular architecture. We also aim to address the complexities of contemporary architectural practices and embrace the “Indianess”. “Kathan” is also conceptualized to create a platform for the students to collaborate, create and learn various individual perspectives among-st each other as well as learners, practitioners, thinkers from various fields providing platform to promote students of the Institute and the entire faculty to come together, share perspectives, explore culture, taking various responsibility and demonstrate themselves by their conceptions.

We are a group of young and enthusiastic individuals learning facets of design, closely looking the works and following various dignitaries belonging to the various fields with design as a core and an integral ingredient; keen to know about “Sustainability” and “Contextual relevance” crave for the insights on Design and the process, Documentation, Research Methodology which eventually provides sustainable learning experience for the students of MU.

This time “Kathan” was rationally conceptualized based on five pillars Nation, National and Nationality as one, Regionalism, Context, Character and Architecture and design. An architectural festive brings workshops, seminars, exhibitions and fun events. It is the inchoate journey to make road-map of future achievements with art, architecture and aesthetics.
Thus, Kathan is the narration of our outcomes that we have achieved. Kathan; a festive of ideas and creation.

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