Hotel Rwanda Movie Screening

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The movie screening was organized by the Faculty of Law (FoL), Marwadi University, on 28/09/2019 as part of the Film Series which is held every month as a part of the Cultural Activities. Post screening of the Film, a brief discussion was initiated by Dr. Dhruv Pande, Associate Professor of Political Science. Thereafter, a discussion ensued among all members of the House, led by the Dean Dr. Rhishikesh Dave, wherein comments were made upon by him as well as by our Special Guest Faculty from ILNU, Ahmedabad – Dr. Tarkesh Molia. A fruitful discussion followed up on the provisions in International Law in light of the incidents that happened in Rwanda (in particular the Genocide); with insightful interventions made upon regarding the setting up of Special Tribunal in Rwanda; as well as some intelligent commentaries made upon by the students – Ms. Drishti Patel & Mr. Rounak Sinha.

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