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Attired in dignified academic gowns and hats, and with a degree in hand, our students sat there, ready and eager to make their way in the world. This generation, living in a time when advances in technology and communication put the world at their fingertips, is uniquely poised for success unlike any before it.

On 12th of October 2019, the adorned auditorium stage of Marwadi University was all set to confer awards anddegrees to 523 graduates for their determination and hard work.It wasbefitting to celebrate all that had been accomplished, learned and gained. It wasa time to reflect and be thankful, as well as to look ahead into the future – an opportunity to bless our graduates as they proceed to the next stage of their lives.

Our Chief Guest for the evening was Dr. Sudhir Mishra, distinguished scientist & DG (BrahMos), DRDO & CEO&MD, BrahMos Aerospace.

At the stroke of 05:00 in the evening, a procession of students, teachers, and dignitaries was led to the auditorium. The atmosphere was solemn and exuberant at the same time, reflecting the mood of the moment – the end of carefree college life and the beginning of a new adventure in the real world.

The function began with a beautiful prayer invoking the Gods and the goodness within each of us, spreading the great positivity that the occasion commanded. The hall was jam-packed with excited students and proud parents

Dr. Y.P. Kosta, Provost, Marwadi University, called the program to order by presenting the annual report of the university – a report that reflected the institution’s leap of success within the short span of 10 years.

Next, the Founder and President of Marwadi University, Shri Ketan Marwadi, addressed the students, urging them to lead the world towards a better tomorrow by seizing the opportunities. He acknowledged the fact that this is a time where India is standing at the cusp of tremendous growth, and will soon be a 5.5 trillion economy, ready to lead the world. The President also promised to give the best infrastructure that will enable the students of Marwadi University to be at the helm of this new India poised for growth.

This was followed by the deans of FOBM (Faculty Of Business Management), FOLS (Faculty Of Liberal Studies) FOCA (Faculty Of Computer Application) and FOT (Faculty Of Technology) presenting their graduating wards for the conferral of degrees.

After the conferral, Dr. Sudhir Mishra, popularly known as the ‘Missile Man of India’, took over the dais and shared his success story with the students, stressing on the point that today, India is a land of opportunities for hard-working, industrious young people. Dr. Mishra paid a heartfelt tribute to his mentor, the lateDr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He recalled how, as a young graduate, he dreamed of sailing the seas and settling in the USA. But one week of working under Dr.Kalamgave his aspirations a new direction, and he decided to devote his skills to help India attain supremacy in missile technologies.

After sharing these amazing life experiences, he urged the graduating students of Marwadi University to be a major contributor to the nation instead of searching for success in other countries.

And as all good things, the event ended with a crescendo where the hall was filled with the flying graduation hats, proud parents clapping for their scions, teachers, and staff filled with mixed emotions because they were instrumental in giving these students the roots to grow and wings to fly.

Suddenly, Marwadi University did not remain a mere building, institution or group of educators – it became a proud part of everyone’s life who took the memories of this university along with them to be cherished for a lifetime.

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