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‘Diwali’ comes from the Sanksrit word dipavali meaning “row or series of lights”. It signifies the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil and sees millions of lamps lit at homes, temples, shops and public buildings across the world. Another main theme of Diwali is the recollection of a story called Ramayan, which details how the Hindu god Rama returned to his kingdom with his wife, Sita, and his brother, Lakshman, after fourteen years of exile. Worship Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity, is also celebrated in Hindu households during the festival.

The Faculty of Law, Marwadi University did its bit to inculcate a sense of “Vasudev kutumbkum: World is One Family” in their International Students by giving a detailed introduction on the origin and religious significance of Diwali in India. This year, International students of Faculty of Law, got a golden opportunity to celebrate Diwali with Dr. Rhishikesh dave, Dean, Faculty of Law, Marwadi University. The students participated extensively in this celebration. International Students from Syria, Indonesia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Sudan attended the program Diwali celebration at the residence of Dean with his family. The festival of lights has its own charm and brings cheer and joy to each one of us for a variety of reasons. This diwali was really special with these International students. Happiness and brightness could be seen on their faces. It was really a commendable step of FoL. The students used eco-friendly crackers to celebrate the Diwali which was followed by dinner. It was really a great experience.

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