3 Layer Educational Structure

“All-round Development is possible with a focus on all-round aspects of Learning”
We give hands-on learning experience to students and teachers through our uniquely designed three layers of Discover You to cultivate holistic development. The concerned department of students along with the specially created vertical of Career Development cater to this aim of Marwadi University in a dedicated way.

Layer 1


This is the first stage where a student is taught to be a lifetime learner. The programme encourages critical thinking, collaboration, self-awareness, bouncing back from failure, identifying opportunities, and decision-making; all life skills are taught through stories, activities, and discussions.

Layer 2


In this phase, special Skill-Development Programmes aid the learners to develop existing skills and also aids them in identifying and bridging skill gaps to enable them to achieve their goals.

Layer 3



This stage is created to make students proficient in life skills through hands-on experiences that give them an insight into the real world. This type of exposure breeds confidence and nurtures poise to deal with real-life situations.


Huzaifa Kenya


Studying BCA
at a scholarship of
Study in India (SII)

“The scholarship has helped me to motivate my desires and my opportunities towards pursuing my career in Computer Applications. In four years, I see myself to be good in programming and software engineering. I encourage my fellow mates of Uganda that if you get an opportunity to study at Marwadi University, take over the chance because it is helpful, has a lot of advantages, and the facilities are wide enough to motivate you and put you on the right path.”

Rahul Kumar



“Just like every student has questions, doubts on the first day, I too had them. How the college would be, how the faculties will be, what will be the environment and so on. When I met the faculties and shared my questions, their way of answering and guiding made my journey here so easy. You would not believe but whatever goal I have achieved today is all credited to Marwadi University and its Management. They bring us 100+ companies along with making us industry ready. If you are focused and dedicated enough, the college will put you on the right path of your career.”