Tertiary institution is created with the objective to make students more competent by imparting life skills, leadership skills and to foster the spirit of respect towards the society. This unique vertical has long term effect to the life and careers of all the students and faculties equally

Benefits/ Purposes

Yoga & Meditation
Persistence, Self reliance, Endurance, Mental Growth
Temperament & Control
Commitment & Ethics
Values , Commitment & Ethics
Cultural Clubs
Cultural Presentation: Modern and Traditions Clubs, performing arts and hobby club. Facilitate & Felicitate + Cultural Presentations in alignment with national initiatives (National and hobby dub Integration, Unity and peace)
Sports Mental and Physical development
Teamwork and network
Physical and health
Teaming and collaborations
Psychology Counseling (Professional & Personal) Mentoring , Coaching, Professional & Personal Advisors
English & Foreign
English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese & Korean
Social & Tradition Morals & Responsibilities
People skills and patriotism
Organizing Social & Cultural camps and festivals – alignment with national perspectives