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Marwadi University nurture every student for the Global Careers through the rigorous skill enhancement programs thereby bridges the gap of students coming out from education system and requirement of corporate world.

Secondary Institutions are created with the objectives

  • To improve employability in various sectors by equipping the students with the skills required by the industry. In addition, to produce skilled manpower in strategic areas in alignment with the national goals.
  • To bring innovation and leadership by instilling creative thinking and encouraging entrepreneurship.
  • To promote research based study and problem solving techniques

Learning and Development Institute lead by full time Director coupled with Communication skills department with total team size of over 30 trainers and motivators strive to produce quality human resource in alignment with the industry needs, who can essentially add value to the organization wherein they join post completing their academic programs.

Important pillars of the secondary institute comprises of Campus to Corporate Curriculum, Employability Index, Nurturing Communication Skills and sharpening soft skills through Learning and Development programs.

Campus to Corporate

  • In order to prepare students to fulfill pre-employment needs, career requirements, and key employable factors, Marwadi University has designed a strategic result oriented Campus to Corporate Curriculum.
  • The program plays a game-changing role to bridge the gap of students coming out from education system and requirement of the corporate world by refining them to a level of compatibility and acceptability.
  • Focus of the Program is to create a winner’s attitude amongst the students across all the streams and domains by embracing Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Aptitude, Soft Skills, and Employability Index – SAP which forms the vital 66% (apart from the other 34% which is the domain specific knowledge) of student’s ability to become compatible, capable and confident.

ASSESSMENT – Employability

  • Campus to Corporate Curriculum (C2C) is designed to cater students need, to achieve campus placements and perform well in the corporate world or as an Entrepreneur.
  • In order to achieve this objective in a given time frame, students would be assessed by Training and Counselling department on regular basis on all of the above verticals to determine the level of achievement by the students and how far they have come in their learning journey.
  • Students would be participating in weekly/monthly/semester wise assessment examinations conducted by Training and Counseling Department on all of the above-designated verticals
  • Marwadi University would award an Annual Certificate on successful completion of campus to the corporate curriculum.
  • The assessment will be done individually on Verbal Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude, Soft Skills & GD, PI & SAP and would be graded depending upon on their performance in the same.

Learning and Development – Skills Enhancement

  • Learning and Development Department trains select students through a special skill enhancement program to upgrade their skills spanning through their engineering course.
  • A Special Interest Group (SIG) is a community within a stream identified with a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge, learning or technology where members cooperate to effect or to produce solutions within their particular field and may communicate, meet, and organize conferences.
  • As part of preparing students for placement and employability, they experience mock group discussions. Invited experts from industry conduct personal interviews to provide real-time experience to students in preparation for facing interviews.
  • These programs are experiential in nature and provide an opportunity for student development in order to produce industry ready professionals as follows:

Structure of Special Interest Group – Students Training

SIG – 2 Semester – 2 Communication Skills
SIG – 4 Semester – 4 Team Work and Problem Solving
SIG – 6 Semester – 6 Attitude, Assignment and Assessment
SIG – 7 Semester – 7 Finishing school with attention on Grooming and Personality Development
SIG – 8 Semester – 8 People Management, Leadership


Institute Students Faculty
Learning Centre Art of Speaking, Listening & Writing and Gen. Mgmt. skills FDP/MDP (Personal Effectiveness, Mentoring & Leadership)
Training Centre
Digital literacy skills, Soft Skills Project & Tech. Skills, etc.
Stilling & Training , and Project Management & Patents
Special Skilling Centre
Translational Skills Hw/ Sw
Technology Hw/Sw + Concepts + Researching
Placement Centre
Jobs, Visits, Training, Exposure
Industry Exposure, Training & Researching
Personal Des Centre
Interviewing Skills & Personality & etiquettes
Technical Communications (selection and advertisement), measurements, and portfolio mgmt attributes.(work and duty)
Tech. Clubs (Incubator)
Communicating & exploring new ideas, PM, and SIG
Promoting & sustaining new ideas & brew fresh new Ideas/Concepts & PM
Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Converting Ideas to Reality, And report writing & patents
Linkages to Translate & Transform Copyrights and Patents
Projects & Research
Prototyping and Development
Explore Funding, Promote Development, Technical Support & Final spinoff as Entrepreneur or absorption in Funding Company

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