5 Marketing Jobs You Need to Explore

5 Marketing Jobs You Need to Explore

You’re on a quest to find a career that lets you work creatively is exciting and gives you professional success; we’ve got a suggestion for you –Marketing!

Marketing is nothing but branding, presenting and promoting products or services with the intent that people will engage and buy them. Marketing jobs that were not in existence a decade ago are booming today; the field is constantly growing and evolving and possesses an exceptional scope to build a flourishing career.

From social media, content to public relations, there are a host of job opportunities available for grads with marketing majors. But, the question is, what job you can do with a marketing degree.

Well, let’s explore some popular marketing jobs to get an answer to it!

  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Brand Manager
  • Public Relations Representative

Marketing Research Analyst

For a brand to continue thriving and make its customers happy, valuable insights are at the core. So, market research analysts are in demand to observe results and predict trends. Market research analyst plan and conduct consumer research for their new products or services or any modifications to the existing ones.

They use software and statistical tools to gather, organize and analyze data and then present the findings through reports to the management. If you have good research skills and quantitative and analytical abilities, this role is the best for you!

Social Media Specialist

You all know that social media is the current favourite spot for all brands. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube help brand build a connection with their audience through campaigns with content that’s interactive and engaging. To craft such interactive and impactful campaigns, one needs social media specialists.

Social media specialists decide which trends to follow which to not. They know in and out about the platform, and they collect precise data to discover the influence of efforts put and get information about demographics and preferences. If you have a knack for creativity and love staying updated with digital trends, then go for it!

Marketing Assistants

You can get the experience of real marketing by working as a marketing assistant. Marketing professionals recruit graduates as assistants to support them in routine tasks and events. Marketing aspirants with good organizational, writing and editing skills are preferable for this role.

As a marketing assistant, you can observe the marketing process of the company. With that, you can figure out ways by how you can contribute to improving the process.

Brand Manager

Generally, brand managers begin their career as market research analysts or marketing assistants. Brand managers ensure that the brand stays known to its audience and the customers have a positive perception of the brand. They plan to promote the brand in a manner that changes the public perception of the brand.

Brand managers should be able to carry out market research to predict future trends. They also need to devise strategies and manage the marketing campaigns and check the campaign’s effectiveness. Analytical, presentation and persuasive skills are most required for one to become a brand manager.

Public Relations Representative

Public Relations entirely depend upon journalism and media initiative to build a brand’s public perception. PR industry concentrates on helping the client develop and maintain a good relationship with the public. In PR, one needs to examine the audience and influence the demographic by classifying the type of communication needed.

For this role, you need to have strong writing skills, public speaking and outgoing nature to build a rapport with professionals and organizational skills to organise press conferences and publicity events.


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