Ketan Marwadi

Mr. Ketan Marwadi
Founder & President

At Marwadi University, we are committed to offering our students a unique platform that makes them industry-qualified and enhances their knowledge that can be practically implemented in the real world. Gaining knowledge with the help of analytical tools that unlocks the limitless potential of an individual is no more a distant dream. With the help of 3-layer learning at Marwadi University, we aim to promote technological expertise with a mix of vigorous research and revised skill sets. The first layer consists of Knowledge that focuses on attributes like critical thinking, identifying opportunities, and decision-making. While the second layer aims at improving the individual skills that push the students closer to their goals. With the acquired technical and soft skills, the third layer which is the development stage prepares the students to implement the gained knowledge in real-life situations. The convergence of the competence will accelerate the students’ proficiency in contributing in the highest manner to our society.

With Rajkot being the entrepreneurial hub of the Saurashtra region of Gujarat that provides plenty of employment opportunities, a lack of knowledge and its implementation was seen. Marwadi University had been established with the sole purpose of bridging the gap between the immense economic growth and the lack of technological advancements. With the research-oriented tech-focused curriculum, Marwadi University aims to direct its students to the path that leads them to become successful entrepreneurs. This pushes them to utilize the available opportunities in a manner that also contributes to the betterment of our society.

Mr.Jitubhai Chandarana
Co-Founder & Vice-Chairman

While Marwadi University exclusively focuses on building expertise through hands-on learning method, the holistic development of the students is not left in the lurch. The competency of our faculty members is time and again revived with the help of efficient Faculty Development Programmes, and the recurring strive to constructively hone our students through workshops and training that takes them closer to self-learning. The ethical values that we acuminate, nurture and mentor our students and lean them to the area of revolution along with self-discovery. The amalgamation of analytical knowledge along with acquired skill- learning would generate a plethora of opportunities for the students. By providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and strategic guidance; Marwadi University aims at promoting self-learning and self-discovery.

To this end, we are committed to empowering our students with the accumulated knowledge and driving them towards a healthier, progressive, and prosperous future. This kind of educational system not only focuses on the socio-economic growth of the region but takes a leap towards international recognition as well. With the establishment of Marwadi University, we intend to considerably invest in the educational sector in order to proportionately focus on entrepreneurship along with education. By doing so, we aim to nurture society in the areas of research and technology and also drive growth via industrial and academic partnerships.

Jitubhai Chandarana
Mr. Sandeep Marwadi
Honorable Trustee
MU has a unique platform that gives students a plethora of unparalleled opportunities to experience the joy of learning, the wonders of new knowledge and to unearth their limitless potential and capabilities. When you become part of the MU family, we leave no stone unturned to guide, mentor, nurture and prepare you to meet the global requirements, both personal and professional. Our gift to you and our nation are strong and ethical leaders who will shape and change the destiny and future of the world.‎
Mr.Nishit Chandarana
Honourable Trustee
At MU, we continue to stand by our belief in expanding human knowledge and to benefit society through an environment that integrates joy, learning and researching with education. We, at MU, strive to provide culture and a platform that drives the students to pursue the most challenging and fundamental problems in a plethora of fields. Moving forward, we are convinced that with the right team, led by a culture of innovation and excellence, we will continue to deliver.‎
Mr.Jeet Marwadi
Honourable Trustee

Student empowerment has been our primary focus.‎
A structured education system driven by technology, blended with enhanced communication skills ensures that our students evolve to be responsible world citizens.‎

The entire ecosystem is designed to accelerate the holistic growth of our students and enable them to confidently step up to solve the challenges of our planet, be it tech, environment, or people related.‎

I welcome you to the world of opportunities that is often summarised in one name – Marwadi University.‎

Jeet Marwadi
Amish Chandarana
Mr.Amish Chandarana
Honourable Trustee
At Marwadi University, ‘Discover You’ is not just a theme. It is the commitment and the belief that gives us the impulse to go a step further and help make each and every student discover their true potential. We, at Marwadi University, do not limit ourselves in imparting academic education, but also inspire to develop a progressive outlook, to transform our understanding of the world and to pursue unpredicted ways of thinking to help our students become creative members of the society imparting academic education, but also inspire to develop a progressive outlook, to transform our understanding of the world and to pursue unpredicted ways of thinking to help our students become creative members of the society.‎

Key Peoples

Dr. Naresh Jadeja

“With a good education, the world is your oyster.”

Marwadi University is the centre of quality education in the highly entrepreneurial region of Gujarat. Within a span of 14 years, the Institute has been successful in stretching its educational belt in 51 countries. With the mission of cultivating the culture of research and advancement, Marwadi University has taken advancing steps to inculcate the practice of research-based learning in its curriculum.

Various advanced labs like iOS, the real-time success of Incubation and Research Centre, highly efficient Learning Resource Centre with more than 50,000 physical books along with high-end computing facilities like a supercomputer Param Shavak – all of these are the little steps that the University is making in order to efficiently focus on research and learning.

I, wholeheartedly welcome you to become a part of the MU Family and I assure that with the gained education you will definitely become the shining star of the society through your valuable contributions. At Marwadi University, we help you to march forward with the right ethical knowledge that will eventually make you a valuable citizen of the society.

Prof. (Dr) Sandeep Sancheti

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome students approaching from all parts of the country and abroad to join Marwadi University. As educators, we believe that nothing can keep a curious mind from seeking knowledge and hence when you come to explore our University, come with the belief that change is possible for better prospects. We live in an extremely competitive globalized world where there is no question of lagging because we constantly strive for improving ourselves in academics, research and experiential learning. Whether you are a potential student, parent or an inquisitive individual, we heartily welcome you to visit our exciting campus and experience the amazing teaching-learning environment and support framework that we offer.

The confluence of Marwadi University’s vision is to foster an environment that empowers people, organizations and societies through education, ideas, research and training along with the National Education Policy’s (NEP-2020) objective of integrating vocational education into the academic curriculum. I strongly believe that Quality education is the significant feature of Marwadi University’s academic groundwork and our unrelenting efforts have yielded fruits of success and recognition. We are amongst only a few of the Institutes in India which have been accredited with NAAC A+ accreditation. We are also bestowed with the status of Centre of Excellence by the Government of Gujarat for quality education and path-breaking research. The Marwadi University Innovation & Incubation Research Centre has been making remarkable strides in the areas of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Our international covenants have doubled the quintessence of Marwadi University in the global domain. Building global tie-ups have not only helped us in fostering world-class education but have given a number of opportunities to our students as well.

Students at Marwadi University are exposed with exceptional opportunities to acquire knowledge from faculty members who are chosen from esteemed universities across the country. Additionally we have experts from the industry as advisors and adjunct faculties, who create thrilling and gracious surroundings favorable for learning. In other words, we make sure that industry is a part of our academic life and our linkages are constantly strengthened through both faculty and student internships. Along with focusing on academic excellence, our programmes offer education that goes much beyond classrooms, lectures, examinations and degrees. We persistently endeavour to make our University a better and vibrant place to study and live in terms of ever-increasing comfort in hostels, participation in sports and cultural activities, improving infrastructural facilities, internationalization, internship etc. for all the stakeholders.

Finally, I would like to articulate that we are heading towards the chosen direction in building our world by providing holistic education to the youth to imbibe our core values as a LEADER. On behalf of Marwadi University management, I assure to facilitate you in achieving your goals under the diverse social, cultural and economic environment and make the world proud of your credentials.

Sandeep Sancheti

Deans and Heads

Colonel Rajgopalan Suresh

Admin Head

Dr Ramdevsinh Jhala

Exam Head

Dr Sarang Pande

PhD Head

Mr Sriram Padmanabhan

HR Head

Mr Bajra Sikder

Vice President-Outreach and Development

Mr Mahendrasinh Solanki

Canteen Head

Mr Rajendra Vadoliya

Transport Head

Ashish Kakkad

Dean, Faculty of Physiotherapy

Rajendrasinh Jadeja

Dean, Faculty of Engineering

Dr Rajeshkumar Patel

Dean, Faculty of Diploma Engineering

Dr Rhishikesh Dave

Dean, Faculty of Law

Dr Sridaran Rajagopal

Dean, Faculty of Computer Applications

Dr Sunil Jakhoria

Dean, Faculty of Management

Dr Vicky Jain

Dean, Faculty of Science

Dr Lalji Baldaniya

Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy

Colonel Rajgopalan Suresh
(Admin Head)
Dr. Ramdevsinh Jhala
(Exam Head)
Dr. Sarang Pande
(PhD Head)
Mr. Sriram Padmanabhan
(HR Head)
Mr. Bajra Sikder
(Vice President-Outreach and Development)
Mr. Mahendrasinh Solanki
(Canteen Head)
Mr. Rajendra Vadoliya
(Transport Head)
Dr. Ashish Kakkad
(Dean, Faculty of Physiotherapy)
Dr. Rajendrasinh Jadeja
(Dean, Faculty of Engineering)
Dr. Rajeshkumar Patel
(Dean, Faculty of Diploma Engineering)
Dr. Rhishikesh Dave
(Dean, Faculty of Law)
Dr. Sridaran Rajagopal
(Dean, Faculty of Computer Applications)
Dr. Sunil Jakhoria
(Dean, Faculty of Management)
Dr. Vicky Jain
(Dean, Faculty of Science)
Dr. Lalji Baldaniya
(Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy)

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