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Rajkot is fourth largest district city of Gujarat (the famous state of India) after Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodra. Rajkot is the centre city of Saurashtra region of Gujarat and located on the bank of Aji and Nyari rivers. Rajkot is the part of Kathiyawad. Because of this people of Rajkot are also known as Kathiyawadi. Rajkot is in a transition period of growing Cultural, industrial and economical activities. This is shown by the factors that-

  • Rajkot is seventh cleanest city of India.
  • It is 35th largest urban agglomeration in India.
  • It is 22nd fastest growing city in the world.
  • Best Law and Order city-2013

Historical Facts About

Rajkot has a very long historical background. The city was under different rulers since it was founded. In independence movements also Rajkot has a very significant role. Rajkot was the capital of Saurashtra state from 15 April 1948 to 31 Oct 1956 before it merges with Bombay State on 1 Nov 1956. Rajkot Was incorporated into Gujarat state from 1 May 1960.


Rajkot is popular for its multicultural area. Here various languages, like Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, English, Malayalam, Marathi, Sindhi and Bengali can be found. The people of Rajkot are predominantly vegetarians and believe in saving lives instead of hunting for enjoyment or meals. The women here are very fond of jewelry. Although the attire changes with the seasons and festivals, Gujarati sari for women and Kurtas & formal wears are common for men in Rajkot.

Rajkot has its own native music Genre- Dayro, which is used to convey folk stories and saying. Garba is the famous dance style of Rajkot especially done in Navratri. Besides this various other festivals are also celebrated with full joy and enthusiasm like Janmashtami, Diwali, Eid, and Holi also. People love to dance and enjoy collectively for several days which also encourages peace, harmony, and togetherness among them. Thus, staying in Rajkot is a lot more than merely living a life for survival.

People in Rajkot are also very fond of sports and Cricket is the most famous sport of the city. Kids and elders can be seen flying cricket in playgrounds in the early morning and late evening. Madhavrao Sindhia Cricket Ground has hosted numerous cricket events including Ranji Trophy and Duleep Trophy along with several inter-school and college-level tournaments. Another stadium entitled Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium is just 15 Kms from Rajkot and has a capacity of 32000 spectators.


Rajkot is one of the key tourist spots in Gujarat hosting historical landmarks, places and parks featuring historical events and monuments from colonial times in a highly preserved manner. The Connaught Hall, Mohandas Gandhi High School, Rashtriya Shala, Kaba Gandhi No Delo, Rotary Dolls Museum housing more than 1400 dolls from around the globe, Rotary Midtown Library, Watson Museum, Lang Library housing thousand of books and documents and Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium are some of the notable points to visit in Rajkot. Masonic Hall, Swaminarayan Gurukul, Aji Dam, Race Course, Swaminarayan Temple and Vishwakarma Prabhuji Temple have also been the centre point of attraction for a large number of tourists in recent years.


Rajkot is popular for its education system and has provided education to Mahatma Gandhi at the Alfred School. More than 20 schools and learning institutes are run by the Municipal Corporation of Rajkot. A lot of self-financed public schools are also running in the district which brings the education levels of the city to higher numbers. International Baccalaureate Program is also offered at the Galaxy School. Various Universities and several public and private institutions of higher studies are preferred by the students from all over the nation due to the level of education and placement opportunities provided right from the college campuses.

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Strong Fundamentals with Fastest Growing Economy

Entrepreneurial people, excellent infrastructure, stable governance & business friendly policies.

  • Gujarat, recognized for its vibrancy and entrepreneurial spirit is one of India’s leading states in industry and commerce and assumes a pivotal role in the fast changing business dynamics of India to meet the globalization drive
  • Home to top-notch companies and institutions like LDCE, IIT, IIM, EDI, ISRO, L&T, Tata, GM, PRL, IPR, TCS etc.
  • Gujarat has been a pride of India from an economic, cultural and social development perspective. The State has a richly varied heritage of art and culture which finds its roots in rural and cottage activities and livelihoods.
  • Safe and secure State with low crime rate.
  • It is a drug-free and liquor-free state.
  • Rich in history and booming with prosperity, we welcome you to explore the “Khushboo of Gujarat”. Aavo Padharo – Come, witness and be a part of this growth story.


A Flourishing City with Thriving Industrial Hub

Located on the banks of River Aji and Nirari, Rajkot is in te fast lane of progress with distinctly urban architecture and industrial developments. These are following city highlights:

  • Industrial hub of automotive.
  • Leading center of India in the field of the diesel engine and submersible pumps.
  • Well known throughout the world for its casting and forging industries.
  • Fast developing software industries and ITeS.
  • Morbi, the sister of Rajkot, is a manufacturing hub for ceramics, industry, wall clocks industry and electrical accessories.
  • Plans for the development of Special Economic Zones.
  • Home to some of India’s leading snacks manufacturers.
  • Major regional centre for the arts with many venues for the performing arts.
  • DNA of entrepreneurship with enterprise and start-up acumen.


In recent years, Rajkot has also witnessed rapid development wherein real estate has proved to be the key contribution to the Rajkot’s development in terms of economy and infrastructure. The city now makes a vital contribution to the economic growth and stability of the state. A number of heavy and small scale industries are running successfully under GIDC and GSFC, the industrial development and financial corporations of the state. With the establishment of several castings and forging industries, Rajkot is becoming one of the top suppliers of heavy machinery and spare parts for reputed companies across the globe. Rajkot is famous for its jewelry market, silk embroidery and watch parts.

Rajkot also hosts a large number of jewelry traders and is famous for its gold purity and has become one of the largest gold markets in India. There are a large number of textile printing units in Rajkot which produce cotton salwar and silk sarees loved by the people nationwide. More than 500 foundry units are established in Rajkot mainly serving the local diesel engine industry. Majorly the foundries deals with the grey iron castings in the local market and electric motor castings, automobile castings in the global market. Leading snacks manufacturer of India like Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd and Gopal Snacks Pvt Ltd also operate from Rajkot only.

With the widespread applications of IT services across the globe, Rajkot also acts as a key player in the Software and IT sectors by housing the operations and development centers of numerous SOHO companies, Software companies, and multinational call centers. The city is home to Samay Groups, Ajanta Clock, ORPAT Group, Rickon Quartz and Sonera industries.


Rajkot is one of the key cities of Gujarat and is well connected through all means of transport – Air, railway and Roadways. Numerous GSRTC and private buses run from Rajkot to various cities wherein more than 80000 people travel with GSRTC only. The city is very well connected with the state highways and provides highly comfortable ride on smooth roads. Rajkot BRTS has launched a 10 km corridor and AC buses for rapid transit system.

There are two railway stations in Rajkot wherein Rajkot Junction Railway Stations is widely used by travellers. The station provides connectivity with all the major cities of India while the other railway stations provide connectivity to Veraval, Junagadh, Somnath and Porbandar only.

The airport is located nearby and can be accessed by auto rickshaw and cab. There are regular flights to Mumbai and Delhi on daily basis.
Thus, from every aspect, Rajkot is one of the finest cities of India for happy living and career growth.

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