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Ketan Marwadi chairman of marwadi university


MU has a unique platform that gives students a plethora of unparalleled opportunities to experience the joy of learning, the wonders of new knowledge and to unearth their limitless potential and capabilities. When you become part of the MU family, we leave no stone unturned to guide, mentor, nurture and prepare you to meet the global requirements- both personal and professional. Our gift to you and our nation are strong and ethical leaders who will shape and change the destiny and future of the world.

Vice President of Marwadi university mr jitendra chandarana


  • MU is a community of students and staff dedicated to bring out the best in all its members. Our aim is to provide the finest possible environment for teaching, learning, and research.
  • At MU, we envision a time when youth from different regions is engaged in all sectors of technology and management where Issues affecting young people are debated and decisions made.
  • AT MU, we create a network of youth empowered with skills and knowledge, to be able to contribute to healthy economy and growth of the society and nation.
  • At MU, we are molding young minds to be active in global events where their opinions can be listened to and respected.
  • At MU, we are committed to create a vibrant and stimulating environment to live, self-learn, work and play.

You will, I hope, discover the exhilaration of the intellectual life and a chance – to contribute to the thought – whose measure will move our descendants many years from now. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors.

Mr Sandeep Marwadi- Honourable Trustee of Marwadi university best MBA college in Gujarat


At MU we open minds to “connect the dots” and see the big picture and make new sense of life. We create the campus environment where students are:

  • Exposed to exciting campus events that build social skills
  • Challenged by industry projects that open their eyes to the complexities of the real world
  • Stimulated with personal freedom to explore and experiment that build confidence and shape opinions
  • Engaged in incubation of new enterprises that merge different skills to create new ones
  • Involved in community work that adds value and meaning to their lives.

I strongly encourage all the prospective students to visit our campus, meet with the HODs, TIPO team, Admissions team, and Student section officials, to find out more about the MU culture and academic programs.



At MU, we continue to stand by our belief in expanding human knowledge and to benefit the society through an environment that integrates joy, learning and researching with education. We at MU, strive to provide a culture and a platform that drives the students to pursue the most challenging and fundamental problems in plethora of fields. Moving forward, we are convinced that with the right team, led by a culture of innovation and excellence, we will continue to deliver long-term value, to advance knowledge and learning at the highest level.



At Marwadi University, ‘Discover You’ is not just a theme. It is the commitment and the belief that gives us the impulse to go a step further and help make each and every student discover their immense potential. We, at Marwadi University, do not limit ourselves in imparting academic education, but also inspire to develop a progressive outlook, to transform our understanding of the world and to pursue unpredicted ways of thinking to help our students become creative members of the society.

Dr Y P Kosta ( Director, Technical Campus)


I am pleased to share with our stakeholders that we, at MU, are conscious about the need for growth and sustainability of Engineering, Management & Computer education that is necessary for our country in terms of societal transformation, economic prosperity, and global peace. In view of this, MU has developed world-class infrastructure and laboratory, employed competitive manpower, deployed ancillary facilities and created an environment that offers the best-of-learning experiences to map match and compete with the best in the world.

I hope that you will continue to choose and consider us as your mentor partner for your life and shower your blessings in this never ending journey of ours. Finally, education transcends civilizations, people & life and controls our future; let us all join together and thread for a better and prosperous future. Read More

DIRECTOR, L&D DEPARTMENT of Marwadi university


To teach is to touch the life forever.

There are two kinds of education. One should teach us how to make a Living and the other should teach us how to live. Staying at the cutting edge of technologies is a definite possibility with faculty contributing and encouraging all the time. The Teaching- Learning process at this campus aims to create an equal responsibility for the Learner as well as the Teacher. But then the question is who the Learner is and who is the Teacher. A Teacher of course, is a “Learner” for life.

Education isn’t what you learn; it’s what you do with what you learn.
Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow!!

Aristotle said, “The roots of Education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet.”

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