Alumni are the Stakeholders of the College

Alumni are the Stakeholders of the College

When a student first joins a college, he/she then becomes an inevitable part of it. Everything they do or work for becomes a part of the college itself. Even after they leave the college, for the rest of the life their college is known by them as much as they are represented by their Alma Mater. Marwadi University takes great pride in the success and achievements of its Alumni. Each and every former student carries in himself/herself a distinguished part of the college. They essentially become the stakeholders of the college, and rise and shine its name always, and ever after.

alumniThe Alumni of the college, plays as much role as the present students in making Marwadi university one of the best colleges in Gujarat. They become the contributors in the education and inspiration of the present students. With each succes story that has our college’s name in it, the Marwadi University becomes stronger and better for the coming generations. There are various ways by which the alumni becomes the ally of the colleges is by sharing its success. As the college grows and expands in its vision and ambition, the former students also grow with it. Similarly, the Marwdi University has grown manifolds with the success and accomplishment of its alumni. Thus, the alumni forms an essential part and pays an acknowledged contribution to its college through its hard work and feat.

The importance of college life is explicit in the life of a student. However, the students are equally indispensable to their college. Alumni meet is a celebration of this evergreen alliance between the two. The college and its students remain together, sharing success and growth, years after their ways are separated. It is always a beautiful thing when the students come back to their college, to their roots, to their ally, and become an inspiration to the new ones. Marwadi University values the contribution and participation of each student who has worked hard to make it what is today. The college is marked by the smiles, works, laughter, and presence of each of its alumni. Their legacy, and presence is carried forward and rewarded in every success the college achieves even today. As Rosa Parks famously said, “Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others.” The Alumni was, and always be the stakeholders of the college.

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