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Architectural education in the country has witnessed quite a few changes with increase in the number of institutions imparting architectural education, mostly the self-financed ones. Amongst the other issues such as, new thrust areas in academics, intake and quality of entrants, physical infrastructure and financing of private institutions and most importantly, most institutions are faced with the shortage of qualified and experienced teachers for qualitative learning.

We also agree that curriculum in architecture is exhaustive and never ending as it involves long hours, and rather perplexing with instructions that turn out to be diametrically opposite. On one hand if the lessons are so fascinating, the other might find it fraught with the mundane baggage. The student soon begins to view architectural instruction nebulous in character and wonder if there is any purpose in continuing with architecture at all. Besides the general complaint that, the fresh graduate is not equipped to meet the challenges of the profession. The young architect lacks professional competencies.

The endeavour at the Faculty of Architecture, Marwadi University, has always been to nurture a large number of creative and innovative minds. We also look forward to being a centre for design excellence to cater to the highly demanding design profession. Our focus has been on the learning environment to generate a sense of inquiry and expose students to the relationships between architectural decisions and technical proficiency along with the cultural and ideological predisposition.

We are indeed aware and conscious of the contemporary developments globally, while we also acknowledge that the cultural and regional identity be maintained to be able to contribute to the society. Our learning environment includes Outcome Based Learning, Outcome Oriented Assessment, Integrated and Applied Knowledge Systems, Professional Response and Participatory Education. Despite all odds our students, as student trainees at the infant stage of the institution have demonstrated their proficiency by reaching out to places such as Bangaluru, Pune, Mumbai and Jaipur to name a few and which indeed is a small beginning and promising.


To create the foundation of architectural education that nurtures students’ innovative ideas and skills.

To be aware and conscious of the contemporary developments globally, while maintaining the cultural and regional identity and thus be able to contribute to the society.


To follow ‘pursuit of excellence’ as the guiding motto and establish a distinct cultural identity, integrate the tradition with modern aspirations and blend the tectonics of architecture- aesthetics, humanities, liberal arts, and technology through research, innovation and critical thinking.


The B.Arch course at Marwadi University, the Top University in Gujarat, equips the students with first hand knowledge and skills to be brilliant Architects. The study of infrastructure and construction of buildings and structures has a great scope in today’s rapidly increasing Industrialization. Bachelor’s degree in Architecture lasts for 5 years in best college in Rajkot, Marwadi University, after which students come out as young and smart Architects.

In a developing country like India, where old structures need renovation in structure and, new buildings and structures need to be built, this course from Marwadi University, Top University of Gujarat holds a great scope. An Architect not only possess technical skills but also creative and professional skills.


Through the course, the students learn the following subjects Architecture Design, Basics of Design, Theory of Structures, Building Materials Construction, Building Management, History of Architecture, Architectural Appreciation, Architectural Drawing, Building Science & Services

Workshop Practice, Surveying & Leveling, and English. The Students are provided with special gadgets for precise demonstrations of design and drawing principles and methodologies. Students are provisioned with a special rooms, workshops and drawing apparatuses to give wings to their creativity. The Teachers work wholeheartedly to hone the skills of the students. Creative and critical thinking needs to be in sync for Architects to work progressively. The Students at Marwadi University are given exceptional training and practical guidance to excel in this field.


After doing this course, a wide array of opportunities stands ahead of the students. They can choose from a wide list of career choices that B.Arch opens up for them.

They can choose from various job profiles like:

  • Data Analyst
  • Architecture Designer
  • Architecture Engineer
  • Interior designer
  • Architecture Draftsman
  • Landscape Architect
  • Staff Consultant
  • Manager
  • Sales/Business development Manager
  • Architectural Assistant
  • Architectural Historian/Journalist
  • Art Director
  • Building Contractor
  • Technical Assistant
  • Project Assistant Manager


12th Science PCM (Theory + Practical ) = 50% + NATA – Minimum 70 Marks and Overall Aggregate Marks – 50%


practical learning
civil engineering
must experience
labs session

Metal Workshop by

Its a two days of metal workshop conducted by the Irfan Tabani. In workshop, they made a flamingos from a metal scrape and explore the material. They learn the properties of the metal in which way we use the material, how to convert a plane into a form etc. They find out the wastage of metal sheets and reuse in very different way.

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Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) Course Details

Semester I
Sl. No. Course Code Course Credits
1 AC 101 Architectural design – I 8
2 AC 102 Basics of Design – I 4
3 AC 105 TRD – I 5
4 AC 103 Building Materials & Construction – I 5
5 AC 104 Structure – I (Mechanics and / or Fundamentals of Structures) 2
6 AC 106 Humanities – I 2
7 AC 107 English & Communication Skills – I 2
8 AC 108 Workshop – I 2
Semester II
Sl. No. Course Code Course Credits
1 AC 201 Architectural design – II 8
2 AC 202 Basics of Design – II 4
3 AC 205 TRD – II 5
4 AC 203 Building Materials & Construction – II 5
5 AC 204 Structure – II 2
6 AC 206 Humanities – II 2
7 AC 207 English & Communication Skills – II 2
8 AC 208 Workshop – II 2

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