All about the Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology Course

All about the Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology Course

According to the Times of India, the growth in the IT sector of India will drive the country to expand at par with China in every sector and capture the global market. The IT sector is the backbone of the Indian economy and is generating millions of job opportunities for aspirants.

Almost no sector of the economy seems to have been left untouched by the IT sector. Information Technology (IT) is a need for the proper functioning of society.

IT is present everywhere and is shaping our future. The dependency on inventions made by IT has given rise to the demand for learning and further innovation in this field, making it one of the most popular fields in education and career.

The IT sector has undoubtedly become the most sought-after profession- if you are also looking to pursue this career, read this post to know about the Bachelor of Engineering Information Technology (BE IT) course, job opportunities and more.

What is the BE IT Engineering Course? 

As a specialised sub-domain of computer science, information technology focuses on the application of computer science concepts. It primarily deals with the use of computer systems to store, study, transmit and modify accessible information.

The BE Information Technology course aims to create well-qualified professionals who can meet the industry demands in both academic and technical aspects. The curriculum for the course usually gets designed practically.

You can consider studying BE Information Technology course at Marwadi University. We are a NAAC A+ certified institute with high-tech lab facilities, availability of supercomputer, PhD faculties that educate students using a hands-on learning approach.

The BE IT course curriculum at Marwadi University is primarily focused to assist students to acquire conceptual and technical expertise in the IT sector.

The coursework also seeks to improve the technological scope of competencies and understanding in analysis, design, implementation, and application of information technology core and specialisation skills.

BE IT Engineering: Eligibility Criteria

  • The aspirants must have passed the 10+2 or equivalent examination with at least 55% marks from a known state or central board.
  • Aspirants must have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as the core subjects.
  • Aspirants who want lateral entry admission into the 2nd year of the IT engineering course should have passed all the examinations in their area.

Career Path for to be IT Engineers: 

After completing 10+2, here’s the ideal career path that you can consider to become a successful IT engineer:

  • As discussed above, you can pursue a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology for your undergraduate. Employers need applicants who at least hold a bachelor’s degree. You can earn a BE IT degree in a span of 4-years.
  • While studying undergraduate, institutes require you to go through an internship in the related field. An internship will help you gain practical experience and apply the theoretical concepts to reality.
  • For better career opportunities, the most preferred thing among students after an undergraduate is to pursue a master’s degree in the IT field. The popular subjects for masters in IT are cyber security, robotics, data analytics, artificial intelligence etc.
  • Consider creating a portfolio of your best work as you gain educational, internship, and work experience. These could be any layouts or developments that exemplify your IT know-how.
  • When applying for IT engineering positions, industry certifications can benefit you stand out from the pack. Because computers and breakthroughs are continually evolving, it is critical to have up-to-date knowledge and certifications to do your job nicely.
  • Now that you have completed your education, you are qualified to get your desired job. So, go for it – start applying!

BE IT Engineering: Scope and Job Opportunities

The thriving IT sector has grown the market for qualified technical professionals who can fill a variety of roles in the industry. As a result, IT has become the most desirable branch of engineering among candidates over the years.

Nowadays, the IT sector is so advanced that it impacts the operation of many other sectors and industries in some or another way. Healthcare, aviation, education, the manufacturing sector, the telecommunications sector, various government initiatives and departments, and so on all rely on the IT sector.

As an IT engineer, you can consider working in a start-up too. Start-ups are open to recruiting IT engineers, and the engineers work in a creative and challenging environment in a start-up, which enhances their skills and capabilities.

With proper knowledge and experience in the IT sector, you can start your consultancy firm also. Besides this, below are job opportunities that IT engineers can look forward to.

Some popular IT engineering job options after completing your undergraduate:

  • IT System Manager
  • System Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Security Officer
  • Technical Trainer
  • Information Technology Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer and Designer

If you have made up your mind to become an IT engineer, do not wait any more and become a part of Marwadi University.

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