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MU Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Research is an incubation center aiming to facilitate future entrepreneurs. The incubation center provides them with required conveniences and ambiance to develop their ideas, mentoring them and also network to help them reach their goals of successfully forming a start-up and thus becoming a breakthrough for other start-ups.

Faculty of Law, Marwadi University has the following Centres:

  • Centre for International Humanitarian Law
  • Centre for Social and Minorities Justice
  • Centre for Criminal Law and Justice
  • Centre for Women and Child Development

Major Thrust Areas

  • International Humanitarian Law
  • Evidence Law, Forensic Science, Scientific Evidence, Toxic Tort Exposures, Tort Law, Public Law and Judicial policy decisions.
  • Gender, Research Methodology, Social Thoughts, Indian Communities and Socio-Legal Studies.
  • Law of Contract, Corporate and Business Laws
  • International Relations

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International Collaborations

The Erasmus Plus Projects

The Law Faculty takes pride in being part of the Erasmus Plus Projects on Climate Change Policy and Law & International Law on Forced Migration in lieu of devising Masters’ Curriculum; the Projects funded by the grant of European Union amounting to INR 1.5 Crore. The Faculty of Law is one of the only two Law Institutes all over the country, to receive such a grant.

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Faculty of Law

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