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The last few decades have seen exponential growth in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence is a sub-branch of Computer science. Technically, it is the science that helps develop computer machines that mimic human intelligence. Thus, these machines will be able to visually perceive things, recognize and differentiate speech, make decisions, translate between languages and so much more. There are two main reasons why Artificial Intelligence has become a popular choice in many fields

So, the main objectives of B. Tech with Artificial Intelligence specialization are:

  • Low error probability: Since human capabilities have their limitations, using AI will help reduce the risks of errors to a great extent. It will also increase the accuracy of results obtained, making it a much more efficient choice.
  • Overcomes limitations: There are some applications such as mining exploration and ocean exploration where human intervention has its limitations. In such a scenario, you can use AI to get the job done in no time at all.

Studying artificial intelligence opens a world of opportunities. In the field of artificial intelligence, the opportunities are truly endless. Learning in the artificial intelligence field could help you to perform complex tasks that are otherwise hard to perform. It uses various concepts of Neural Networks, Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, etc. Marwadi University is first in the region to offer UG specialization in Artificial Intelligence domain.


The key aims of B. Tech with Artificial Intelligence specialization are

  • To give a brief of artificial intelligence (AI) concepts and approaches
  • To build up a basic understanding of the building blocks of AI as presented in terms of intelligent agents, Search, Knowledge representation, inference, logic, and learning
  • To learn Classification Algorithms, Neural Networks, Image Processing, Deep Learning, NLP Models
  • To enable students to be creative in addressing and solving scientific and technological problems through research in Artificial Intelligence.

To fulfill these objectives MARWADI UNIVERSITY – the Best Computer Engineering College in Rajkot has well-equipped labs with state-of-the-art infrastructure, digital workstations with the latest configurations and required software. Structures lab, C Programming lab, internet Lab, Computer Networking Lab, Project Lab are some of the key places that impart practical knowledge and technical skill in the hands of the students. Computer Engineering department is having a highly qualified and experienced pool of faculties who are ready to support students in their development in all dimensions.

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  • We have 500+ faculty that includes 100+ PH. D faculty.
  • Courses taught by experts and designed specifically to improve English language skills, and subject knowledge, required for a successful entrepreneurial journey.
  • The Academic Team comprises of accomplished scientists, researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Marwadi University hosts the highest number of Ph.D faculty in Gujarat.



  • MEFGI has diverse research group in the area of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, CAD/CAM, Smart Foundry, Automotive Engineering, Power Quality, and Conditioning Monitoring, Air Pollution, Water Quality, and Structural Engineering.
  • The labs and facilities at the university ensure our students learn by ‘doing’ things rather than just watching and listening.
  • Ultramodern lab in association with Bosch Rexroth, Germany is developed to impart training to students as well as faculty members, along with a joint certificate of Bosch Rexroth and Marwadi University.



  • A structured 3 tier program to ensure that students acquire necessary soft skills and professional attributes that elevate their employability index.
  • Hands-on experience with campus placement drives which give students exposure and insights into the industry and breed confidence.
  • Rigorous training programs to upgrade and innovate the teaching methodologies to help faculty stay a step ahead in the dynamic field of education.


Today’s demand for expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning far exceeds the supply, and this imbalance will become more critical over the coming few years. So this program provides an opportunity to bridge this gap of demand and supply of technocrats in AI. The average salaries of AI professionals in India across industries are quite attractive.

  • To understand what constitutes “Artificial” Intelligence and how to recognize systems with Artificial Intelligence.
  • To study various AI and Machine Learning algorithms
  • To apply knowledge representation, reasoning, and Machine Learning techniques to solve real-life problems
  • To implement traditional Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques.
  • To demonstrate practical experience by implementing and experimenting with the learned algorithms

Eligibility Criteria

  • 12th in Science with minimum 45%
  • Appeared in GUJCET and registered under ACPC

Scope of

The scope of AI is pretty significant as the ultimate aim is to create computer programs that can tackle different problems and provide goal-oriented solutions efficiently. Thus, there is a scope for computer vision, game development, speech recognition, robotics, and language detection.

  • Private and Public organizations
  • Education, both primary and advanced
  • Advanced Healthcare facilities
  • Government agencies and committees related to research
  • Military.

The different roles available in these sectors include

  • Software engineers, developers, and analysts
  • Research scientists
  • Manufacturing and maintenance engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Game programmers, developers and algorithm specialists
  • Computer engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Surgical technicians
  • Computational philosopher: To ensure human-aligned ethics are embedded in AI algorithms
  • Robot personality designer
  • Robot obedience trainer
  • Autonomous vehicle infrastructure designer: New road and traffic signs to be read by a computer
  • Algorithm trainers include the growing army of so-called “click workers”. That, help algorithms learn to recognize images or analyze sentiment, for instance.


  • Oracle Lab
  • CISCO Lab
  • IBM Lab
  • Research & Development Lab
  • Basic Computing Lab
  • Advance
  • Computing Lab
  • Networking Lab
  • Data Processing Lab
  • Object-Oriented Programming Lab
  • High-Performance Computing Lab
  • Software Engineering Lab
  • Project Lab

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest growing fields of scientific research. It has enabled automation of human tasks/decision-making, given insights into the working of our own brains, and made existing systems more efficient. The improvement in the quality of life that automation has brought is undeniable.

In the world of tomorrow, human and artificial intelligence will come together to hopefully augment the life of every human being. From self-driving cars to housekeeping robots, life is being made simpler and better by automating cheaper cognitive tasks due to the advances in the field of AI.

Also, for much more cognitively complex tasks such as medical diagnosis or financial analysis, AI-aided systems help people get more accurate results in lesser time than a non-AI system would have afforded. Instead of worrying that AI will take their jobs, people should be getting excited that they will soon be able to do their jobs through intelligent systems or in collaboration with intelligent agents. The collaboration between human and AI should help reduce each other’s errors, ushering in a new era of work. Augmenting human intelligence, especially creativity and decision-making with the help of automated systems presents a completely new way of living life itself.

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Every year, we have around 150+ renowned companies visiting Marwadi University for campus recruitment. The education and training that we receive at Marwadi University give us an edge in the market. We are so well trained by our Learning and development department and Placement cell who work hand-in-hand, equipping us with all 21st-century skills. I was recruited in campus interview and currently, I am placed in Bangalore for my internship training. Thanks to Marwadi University, I have begun very well – and as they say, ‘Well begun is half done’, right?


I joined Marwadi University in 2015. From that day my journey to grow and thrive began. My faculty has played a pivotal role in carving my destiny. Our ‘Learning and Development Department’ trained us with 21st-century soft skills – a must in today’s jobmarket. Thank you, Noor Ali Sir, you made our language classes stimulating. Through our Marwadi Placement Department I started my career as a subordinate in Zomato – but thanks to the skills I learned at Marwadi – within 21 days I was promoted to the post of a regional manager in ‘Zomato’. And my package is a whopping 6 lakh+.  Thank you, MU and the placement cell, – who helped me at every juncture.