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Automobile Engineering is one of the popular engineering branches now a days that widely deals with transportation mechanisms and machinery. A large number of cars, trucks and numerous heavy vehicles are in demand now a days which expect the best performance in the least investments. The main concern of automobile industry is to make heady duty vehicles which offer best fuel mileage given by the engine and least maintenance cost. Marwadi University – the Best Automobile Engineering College in Rajkot has created a practical oriented curriculum that aims to serve the following objectives:

  • To impart a confidence in the minds of students and make them worthy professionals.
  • To inculcate the habit of practical learning and innovative thinking in the minds of students.
  • To provide adequate knowledge of engine, its accessories, parts, and their applications.
  • To provide the in-depth understanding of minute components of machinery and their proper integration techniques.
  • To provide exposure to the specialist computer modeling software that helps in producing elegant and workable designs.

In order to meet the objectives, high-end labs have been set up equipped with required equipment to provide adequate practical exposure to the students. A lot of students from this Top Automobile Engineering College Rajkot have secured attractive job opportunities and are earning high salary packages.

Scope of

Since industrial revolution is an outcome of rapid development in various engineering branches and transportation facilities, there is a large scope of employment and business opportunities in the field of automobile engineering. There are a lot of opportunities for skilled automobile engineers to grow and earn better salary packages y proving their worth to the employing organization. Expertise in using modern automotive and design softwares adds up to the worth and ensures high salaries right from the beginning of career.


At Marwadi University – the Top Automobile Engineering College in Rajkot, curriculum and learning practises are devised in such a manner that the course meet one or more of the following student outcomes:

  • Ability to apply the knowledge of science, engineering and mathematics in the field work.
  • Ability to design test cases and conduct experiments from several aspects.
  • Ability to analyze the data and make decisions based on its interpretation.
  • Ability to identify and solve various engineering problems by formulating new strategies.
  • Ability to use the modern tools and skills in problem domain with effective results.

Automobile Engineering

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12th in Science with minimum 45%
Appeared in GUJCET and registered under ACPC

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Teaching Scheme

Semester I
Subject CodeSubject NameTypeTeaching Scheme (Hours)CreditsTheory MarksTutorial/ Practical MarksTotal Marks
TheoryTutorialPracticalESE(E)IACSEViva (V)Term work (TW)
01MA0101Engineering Mathematics-IBS42055030202525150
01CI0101Elements of Civil EngineeringES30245030202525150
01ME0101Elements of Mechanical EngineeringES30245030202525150
01CE0101Computer ProgrammingES30245030202525150
01GS0101/ 01GS0102Physics / Engineering Chemistry-I*BS30245030202525150
01CR0101Career Readiness ProgramHSS200250302000100
Total182823300 180120125125850

*Computer Workshop is offered to Computer and IT Branch only

Semester II
Subject CodeSubject NameTypeTeaching Scheme (Hours)CreditsTheory MarksTutorial/ Practical MarksTotal Marks
TheoryTutorialPracticalESE(E)IACSEViva (V)Term work (TW)
01MA0102Engineering Mathematics-IIBS42055030202525150
01SL0101Communication SkillsHSS20235030202525150
01ME0102Engineering GraphicsES4465030202525100
01EE0103Basic Electrical and ElectronicsES3245030202525150
01EN0101Basics of Environmental Studies


01PE0101Physical Education/Sports/YogaNC0021000000
Total1521222250 150100100150750
Semester III
Subject CodeSubject NameTypeTeaching Scheme (Hours)CreditsTheory MarksTutorial/ Practical MarksTotal Marks
TheoryTutorialPracticalESE(E)IACSEViva (V)Term work (TW)
01CL0301Mechanics of SolidsCore4255030202525150
01MA0201Engineering Mathematic- IIIFoundation4255030202525150
01ME0301Fluid MechanicsCore4255030202525150
01ME0302Kinematics of MachinesCore4255030202525150
01ME0303Manufacturing Processes ICore42550255025150
Semester IV
Subject CodeSubject NameTypeTeaching Scheme (Hours)CreditsTheory MarksTutorial/ Practical MarksTotal Marks
TheoryTutorialPracticalESE(E)IACSEViva (V)Term work (TW)
01MA0271Numerical AnalysisFoundation4255030202525150
01ME0401Machine Design & Industrial DraftingCore4255030202525150
01ME0402Manufacturing Processes IICore4255030202525150
01ME0403Material Science and MetallurgyCore4255030202525150
01ME0404Engineering ThermodynamicsCore4255030202525150
Semester V
Subject codeSubject NameTypeCBCSTheoryTeaching Scheme (Hours)CreditsTheory MarksTutorial/ Practical MarksTotal Marks
TutorialPracticalESE(E)IACSEViva (V)Term work (TW)
01AE0501Automotive Electricals and Electronics  (Programme Core 15)CoreES-PC3245030202525150
01AE0502Automobile System and Transmission (Programme Core 10)CoreES-PC4255030202525150
01AE0503Automobile Engines (Programme Core 11)CoreES-PC3245030202525150
01AE0504Automobile Component Design (Programme core 12)CoreES-PC4255030202525150
01AE050*Prog.Ele 1  (Programme Elective 1)CoreES-PE3245030202525150
Engineering Exploration : III (Mini Project I)Open ElectiveEE021

Programme Elective 1

01AE0505 Alternative Fuels
01AE0506 Hydraulic and Pneumatic system

Semester VI
Subject codeSubject NameTypeCBCSTeaching Scheme (Hours)CreditsTheory MarksTutorial/ Practical MarksTotal Marks
TheoryTutorialPracticalESE(E)IACSEViva (V)Term work (TW)
01AE0601Automotive Chassis and Body Engineering (Programme Core 13)CoreES-PC4255030202525150
01AE0602Automobile System Design  (Programme Core 14)CoreES-PC4255030202525150
01ME0601 Dynamics of Machine –II  (Programme Core 9)CoreES-PC4255030202525150
01AE0603Vehicle dynamics (Programme Core 16)CoreES-PC4255030202525150
01AE060*Prog.Ele 2 (Programme Elective 2)CoreES-PE32045030202525150
Engineering Exploration : IV (Mini Project II)Open ElectiveEE021

Programme Elective 2
01ME0602    Heat and Mass Transfer
01AE0604    Automobile Refrigeration & Air conditioning