Best B.Sc courses to choose in 2020

Best B.Sc courses to choose in 2020

One of the popular streams that students choose in India is Science. It offers multiple career options which is often considered as a well-reputed and lucrative career in India.

Likewise, B.Sc is one such graduation course that is ideal for 12th Science students. Read on to find out about the best B.Sc courses that you can pursue,

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

The best course after engineering and medical is a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc). As there’s a lot of demand for science graduates, it’s the best one can think of for a rewarding career ahead.

A Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) is an undergraduate course of 3-years. Students can apply for this course right after completing class 12. This course includes the basics of science and subjects like chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and zoology.

Eligibility For Pursuing B.Sc Course In India

These are the following criteria to pursue B.Sc courses in India,

Students with academic science background at 10+2 can pursue a B.Sc degree course. Students with

  1. Physics, Chemistry, Maths (PCM),
  2. Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB), or
  3. Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology (PCMB) as a major subject can choose any B.Sc course with various specialization.

Minimum 50-60% is required for admission, however, the percentage may vary depending on the college you choose to pursue a B.Sc course.

B.Sc Entrance Exams

A student can take admission for B.Sc course in a particular college or university if he/she appears on the merit list. However, there are few colleges that conduct its own entrance exams. Likewise, there are few states in India that conduct a centralized B.Sc. admission procedure.

Here are some of the popular B.Sc entrance exam conducted in India,

  • Delhi University Entrance Test (DUET)
  • All India Entrance Exam for Admission (AIEEA)
  • Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research- IISER Aptitude test

Best B.Sc Courses In India

  • B.Sc Agriculture

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture is a popular specialization of B.Sc. It is a 4-year course aiming to enlighten students about the best agricultural practices. Apart from that, it includes research about various agricultural methods to increase productivity and yield.

  • B.Sc Nursing

It’s a 4-year undergraduate course in the field of the healthcare sector. The course provides training for professional nursing. It involves the study of human body anatomy, psychology, nutrition, physiology, etc.

  • B.Sc Mathematics

An undergraduate 3-year degree course, B.Sc Mathematics involves the study of mathematics or applied mathematics like that of computer science or statistics. It works on developing and enhancing the mathematical skills in calculus, data analysis, and algebra.

  • B.Sc Physics

Bachelor of Science in Physics is an undergraduate program of 3 years which includes a study of matter and its motion through space and time and concepts of energy or force.

  • B.Sc Chemistry

A 3-year long B.Sc Chemistry is an undergraduate chemistry course that deals with several aspects of chemistry including chemical reactions and chemical composition of substances. The main subjects in the course include organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and inorganic chemistry.

B.Sc Career Opportunities

Students with B.Sc degree have an excellent employment opportunity. B.Sc graduates can not only work in the field of science but also in areas like management, engineering, law, etc. Whereas, the salary package and job experience are pretty much satisfactory.

Career opportunities available for B.Sc students are as follows;

  • Researcher
  • Chemist
  • Scientists
  • Biochemist
  • Physicist
  • Ecologists
  • Mathematician
  • Data Analyst
  • Nurse, etc

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