Best Career Options in India | Marwadi University

Best Career Options in India | Marwadi University

The Indian economy took a major hit during the lockdown, where millions of people lost their jobs and filed for unemployment. When things started coming back to normal, the jobs in many sectors started to open back up. As India is the fastest growing economy in the world, there are multiple job opportunities now present in the market.

We don’t know what is waiting for us in life ahead, but we know for sure that the below-mentioned sectors are going to generate significant revenue, so they will generate many job opportunities. If you want to make a successful career for yourself, choose one of these fields.

Let’s explore the sectors that will present great job opportunities in the upcoming years.

IT Sector: 

It is expected that hiring in IT sectors is going to increase by a huge number. We’ll find an increase in demand for the job of new-age digital skills, which include- Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, etc. As the lockdown has lifted, organizations have started their digital transformation initiatives, and so we can see a spike in demand for IT guys today as well.

Therefore, we recommend you to opt for the courses, which will help you enter the IT sector. You can either opt for a BCA course or B.Tech in IT or Software. For the post-graduation, candidates can opt for an MCA degree or M.Tech in the same or a Master’s in Cyber security.


Engineering has been the favourite amongst students of the science stream. Some of the most sought-after branches of engineering are chemical, mechanical, civil, instrumentation, and electrical. With growing technology, a lot of new branches are opening up.

You can get greater opportunities as an engineer if you have done a Master’s in Engineering or even if you have completed your Bachelor’s in Engineering in relevant specialization.


No matter what is the current situation, the demand for lawyers is never going down. There will always be a demand for lawyers to maintain the law and order in society. A lawyer is an umbrella term that includes corporate, criminal, litigation, corporate, etc. Lawyers are offered a hefty salary package by the law firms. You can even start your law firm or work as an independent practitioner.

To become a lawyer, you must have a bachelor’s degree in law. You can either opt for integrated LLB courses like B.A LLB & B.Com LLB. You can opt for a Master’s in Law after completion of a bachelor’s degree.

Management Professionals: 

Management Professionals have the opportunity to work in multiple sectors like human resources, finance, marketing, logistics, operations, etc. But, all these positions require an MBA degree, and so there is no shortage of job opportunities for an MBA holder.

To secure a position as a management professional, aspirants can either do BBA, BBA (Hons), B.Com, or B.Com (Hons) and then can pursue MBA.

Medical Practitioner: 

In India, any career in the medical field is well-paid and respected, be it a surgical doctor, pharmacist, physiotherapist, or any other. Medical practitioners have the most secure job in India, and their demand is ever increasing with the increase in the population.

To become a medical practitioner in India, the candidate should have an MBBS degree. And if you want to become a pharmacist or physiotherapist, you need to have a degree in pharmacy course or physiotherapy course.

If you want to pursue any of the above-mentioned courses, check out Marwadi University.

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