Build a dream career with Bachelor of Architecture program at Marwadi University

Build a dream career with Bachelor of Architecture program at Marwadi University

Architecture is such a field that involves many stages which are intricate and intertwined to design and build structures that depict the modern touch with traditional methods. The first step of the ladder to become proficient as an architect is the Bachelor of Architecture program. The degree of Bachelor of Architecture comprises of all the basic foundation aspects that are required for gaining complete knowledge of the architecture field.

The course of Bachelor of Architecture at Marwadi University is designed in order to feed the essence of architecture in students and give them the power of vision that can create wonderful architectural marvels. The architecture course is a complete package that covers all the important aspects of the architectural studies such as planning, designing, constructing, maintaining and repairing. All these aspects are taught by the expert faculties of Marwadi University while feeding them with an ability to keep a creative vision.

Bachelor of Architecture at Marwadi University

B.Arch. course at Marwadi University focuses on providing the students with all the necessary knowledge to make them highly skilled and proficient architects. The basic areas that are covered under this architecture course are:

  • Architecture Design
  • Basics of Design
  • Theory of Structures
  • Building Materials Construction
  • Building Management
  • History of Architecture
  • Architectural Appreciation
  • Architectural Drawing
  • Building Science & Services
  • Workshop Practice
  • Surveying & Levelling

The budding architects that pass out from Marwadi University holding the degree in Bachelor of Architecture possess the vision that they can blend with their imagination. And the results are structures that are no less than modern marvels with highest quality and are environment friendly as well.

At Marwadi University, it is made sure that the students are provided latest gadgets and instruments for precise drawings and demonstration of principles. This Bachelor of Architecture course is allocated special rooms, workshops and drawing apparatus to give the students freedom to harness their creativity.

Experienced faculties are constantly present to guide the students to easily walk through the roads of the Bachelor of Architecture program and provide guidance at each and every step.

Scopes of Employment after Bachelor or Architecture

After completion of this architecture course, there is a wide array of opportunities that will wait for the students at their doorstep. Here are some of the job profiles that the students can embrace after completion of B.Arch. course from one of the best architecture colleges in India.

  • Architecture designer
  • Architecture engineer
  • Architecture draftsman
  • Architectural assistant
  • Architectural historian/journalist
  • Data analyst
  • Interior designer
  • Landscape architect
  • Art director
  • Building contractor
  • Sales/business development manager
  • Project assistant manager
  • Technical assistant

These are just a few basic profiles that can be opted once bachelor of agriculture degree is obtained. Apart from this, there is also an option for further studies i.e. getting a master’s or doctoral degree in architecture. There are various specializations available to continue architecture course after bachelors.

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