Build your career in law at the best law college in Rajkot

Build your career in law at the best law college in Rajkot

Over the past some years, the law profession has evolved a lot. Back in those years, your LLB course could only make you a lawyer but today, there are a lot of other opportunities. It is no more the family profession only! If you are passionate, no one can resist you having the bright career in law.

An LLB course from a reputed law college can help you build a successful career. Marwadi University is one such law college, imparting quality legal education in the ever-evolving global scenario. We aim to be an institute of global excellence in legal education, research and training. If you are a law aspirant, we have following LLB courses to offer you at our law college in Rajkot.

LLB courses

An undergraduate five-year course offered with a combination of commerce and law subjects

An undergraduate five-year integrated LLB course that purely educates you various elements of law

Not many colleges offer these LLB courses in India. But at Marwadi University, these courses are taught to prepare the legal professionals with substantive knowledge and excellent practicing skills.

Endless career opportunities

  • Litigation
  • Media and law
  • Corporate counsel
  • Law firms
  • Judicial services/Civil services
  • Social work
  • Legal process outsourcing
  • Academia

If you have cleared your class 12 examination with a minimum of 45%, you are eligible for both these LLB courses. Marwadi University is one of the best law colleges in Rajkot. While learning about professional preparations, you also get to learn about legal advising and ethical social understanding. Here, you are given the world-class infrastructure so that we can nurture your careers. Riche pedigree of law faculty is here to teach you advanced concepts of law.

So, come and enrol in an LLB course at the best law college in Rajkot, Marwadi University.

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