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Every organization has a lot of tasks to be performed by a number of employees. Thus, a lot of manpower, machinery, finances and many other assets are involved in providing services of any domain. Proper management is required to bring out best performances and results in the least investments that can only be achieved by having keen supervision of skilled and far-sighted managers.

Being the Best BBA college in Gujarat, Marwadi University is leading the way by providing the best training facilities as per the market demand because at the end of the day a student has to keep the best of himself/herself to fit into the ultimate recruitment strategy. Marwadi University deciphers the need of Business Management and its broad curriculum. It gets you up to speed on the essential aspects of a business including marketing, e-commerce, accounting, business writing and communications. Overall program outcomes at the end of the courses of BBA as well as BBA (Hons.) the students will be able to:

  • Make business decisions using a systematic, evaluative, information-based approach rooted in ethics and social responsibility
  • Demonstrate knowledge of current events and trends in business, including potential career tracks in their area of interest
  • Master the skills necessary to prepare them to work in an entry-level position and/or continue in the academic field in their area of interest
  • Develop fundamental awareness of Managerial Skills
  • Understand and appreciate functional skills of business management
  • Analyze various business environment to operate and execute business processes
  • Demonstrate analytical approach to solve variety of business problems

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
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BBA (Hons.)
BBA (Financial Markets)

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