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Post Graduate Diploma in Management


The Post Graduate Diploma in Management at Marwadi University is structured to train students in management skills and focuses on industry-specific needs. MU puts immense hard work with the students to groom their management skills along with soft skills. PGDM determines the aptitudes required to ace administration and business organization and makes you find out about how to control individuals at the level of Management. MU cultivate such a system over the students with the end goal that they hey become proficient in making smart and logical decisions. The college organizes special classes conducted by professionals at Management firms and demonstrate skills of the trending technologies.

Marwadi University offers PGDM course which completes in the duration of two-years. Alumni of this course at MU have been proudly placed into prestigious organisations with high packages and have obtained signified positions in the industries. The program focuses on creating an understanding of organizational dynamics and management skills. This helps the students to acquire conceptual and analytical skills that are required for effective implementation of Managerial dynamics. The program has been meticulously designed such that students learn appropriate decision making skills giving equal attention to teamwork, effective communication skills, critical problem solving skills.

Marwadi University will help students establish themselves as effective professionals by teaching them how to present solutions for real life problems through the use of problem solving abilities in management science. Participation of students in intensive training sessions and internships in respected companies will prepare them for employment immediately after pursuing the course, in the form of placement, in their associated fields. All this will make them learn and apply new skills gained and will be absolutely ready to face the competencies. At the end, students at Marwadi University, the Top College of Management in Gujarat, lays a firm educational foundation that prepares to reshape their personality in the direction of attaining excellence and plays a strong role in making out numerous career options with an encouragement to design a successful profession.

Scope of

There are various employment opportunities after the completion of this course at MU. Fields are many, but it is you who has to recognize your true strength. The following points list out some of the promising opportunities:

  • The management skills acquired during the persuasion of your PGDM course will help you to excel in the field of Entrepreneurship. Implementing your knowledge on finances and management will help you out to work with your business idea effectively.
  • Business consultancy needs a team to work with. Managing deadlines, completing end-to-end processes, applying management and business skills while working as a team can prove to be a great value for succeeding as Business consultants. Depending on the interest of your team, you can go for management consulting, financial consulting or back-end consulting.
  • You can become a Marketing Analyst or a Business Analyst if you have an interest in analyzing various business cases.
  • Investment Banking is a field in which the banker is responsible for advising clients and has to handle its assets. The banker also has to raise company capital simultaneously.



At the end of the course, the learning outcomes dissolved are:

  • Apply conceptual business and management functions that will help to resolve decision making-problems both, in working as a team and as an individual.
  • Develop deep understanding of globalization and how it will affect the people, business and economy as a whole
  • Demonstrate awareness of how to solve the current issues of the business world
  • Create social awareness
  • An ability to impart effective communication skills while speaking and writing, and learn professional ethics

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