Startup Project

1st Year Projects

Sr. No. Start-up Name Team Leader Mentor Brief Description
1 Care Cardia Keval Sureshbhai Gajjar Dinesh Kumar Low cost ECG data acquisition system from heart problem person
2 Apt Intellect (Smart Classes) Marlin Shah Chandresinh Parmar Technology based solution for students and faculties that removes all the barrier from teaching learning process.
3 Design and Development of Plug-in Hybrid Motorbike Yatin Gadhiya Amit Ved Experience a noise free, vibration free and pollution free seamless ride by fitting nvp-kit to your existing petrol bikes.
4 DigiPen Chetan Khunti Dr. Anil Roy Smart pen for recognizing the word and give the correct spell of word to user
5 Kinnect-O-Therapy Vidita Dahiya Dr. Anil Roy A gaming module which works like a physiotherapist , it reduces joint pain and increases circulation of blood
6 Medguide Kishan Shingala Dr. R. B. Jadeja Smart solution for doctor to monitor, analyze and maintain data of health para. for critical treatment stage of patient.
7 Solar Duel axis chronological tracking Amit Bharatkumar Chotai Karan Hiralal Motwani Industrial sector demands energy in wo forms, i.e., Electricity gen. or thermal energy for process heating.
8 Smart Digi Farming Thakor Harsh Dr. R.Sridaran IoT based mobile app for smart-digi farming
9 Smart Home Automation Janak Pariya Dr. R. B. Jadeja The core idea of product is to automate daily routines, provide complete control and analysis of one`s home at fingertips.
10 Domestic Wastewater Treatment Twnikle Kathiriya Hirendrasinh Padhiyar Core idea of the project is to use waste water generated from RO & other purification system

2nd Year Projects

Sr. No. Student Team / Project Description Current Status Interventions to be made for next stage / commercialization
1 Product-Manufacturing (Smart Lab) PoC Prototype Development
2 Product -Topical Spray for fast Relief from Menstrual Pain PoC Prototype Development
3 Solar Cell Development PoC Prototype Development
4 Intelligent Inspection Device for Metal Casting Ideation Prototype Development
5 Mobile mounting device for two wheeler vehicles Ideation Prototype Development
6 SPC (Solar Panel Cleaner) Ideation Prototype Development
7 Multi-featured Blind Stick Ideation Prototype Development
8 Use of eichhornia crassipes as liquid organic fertilizer/compost Ideation Prototype Development
9 IoT Enabled Jewellery Casting Setup Ideation Prototype Development
10 Automatic Section cutting machine Ideation Prototype Development
11 Fila-Extruder  Ideation Prototype Development
12 Gyroscopic tray Ideation Prototype Development
13 Lift Please!! Ideation Prototype Development
14 Dual axis solar tracking system for PV panel Ideation Prototype Development
15 Production of safe natural dyes from microbes Ideation Prototype Development

Start-up Project Submission

Hard copies submit to cabin no. MA 162, ECell, Marwadi University


Start-up Approval

University Level Start-up Committee will approve the project time to time

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