Diploma or Engineering course – Which one should you choose?

Diploma or Engineering course – Which one should you choose?

With the admission season at a peak, many students are confused about which course to pursue after completing their class 12. While many students do end up choosing an engineering course, many are also confused about what to choose – Diploma engineering or Engineering course.

If you are one too, read this blog and figure out the right answer.

A basic difference between the Diploma Engineering and Engineering course is given below:

Diploma Engineering Engineering course
3 years course 4 years course
A certificate of a diploma from an institute is issued A certificate of an undergraduate degree from a university is issued
Don’t have to pursue higher secondary studies Have to pursue higher secondary studies
Costs lesser than a degree course Costs more than a diploma course
Extensive focus on practical exposure Extensive focus on subject knowledge
In terms of career, diploma engineering is valued less In terms of career, engineering course holds considerable value
Should be preferred if you want to start earning soon Should be preferred if Engineering is your passion
Thus, Diploma Engineering and Engineering courses are different in many ways. Understand more on this as below:

Diploma Engineering:

Diploma Engineering is more of a training course in Engineering which focuses on the aspects of training an individual in various fields of Diploma in Engineering. These fields differ in various institutions. At Marwadi University, we offer Diploma Engineering course in a number of fields like Computer, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Automobile, and ICT.

The duration of Diploma Engineering is of 3 years. These 3 years provide a basic theoretical knowledge of various subjects and extensive practical exposure. Being a technical course, such exposure can be highly beneficial. It adds great value to your job.

Thus, those who want to start working immediately, pursuing this course is the right decision to make.

Engineering course:

Widely revered professional course, the Engineering course, is currently one of the most preferred degree courses among young talents. Overall, it is a 4-year course which has been divided into 8 semesters. It is recognised by the UGC (University Grants Commission) and hence, the degree certificate is issued by a university.

In the course, unlike diploma engineering, you can opt for specialisation. Depending upon the institute you pursue an engineering course, you can get multiple options. At Marwadi University, one of the pioneer engineering colleges in Gujarat, we provide specialisation in fields of engineering like Computer engineering, Electronics & communication engineering, Information technology engineering, Electrical engineering, Automobile engineering, Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, etc.

Also, the engineering course focuses on understanding. Hence, it involves the understanding of multiple concepts, both theoretical and practical. This course offers a deep insight into the subjects of engineering. Thus, if you are passionate about technical systems, then you must opt for an engineering course.

Pursuing both the courses:

If you are confused about which course to choose from both of them, you can also pursue Diploma Engineering first and then join an engineering course. Doing so will offer a competitive edge to you as you will have both – a strong academic foundation and a skilled technical hand. This will also more value to your education.


Thus, think wisely and choose right. We offer both the courses at Marwadi University. Our courses are well-evaluated and follow a 360 degree model of education. Such a model ensures that our students don’t just excel in academics but also develop their soft skills. Apart from this, we offer attractive placements from top recruiters such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc.

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