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Computer Applications


Computers have become an inherent part of our lives in recent decades. In the current scenario, no work can be though off without the involvement of computers directly or indirectly. There are numerous software and hardware architectures that have been developed by numerous organizations and individuals. Each software deals with one or more IT-related services that organizations require nowadays and demands in-depth knowledge of using their features for the designated tasks. Skilled professionals are in demand who can operate this software and use their features to the fullest so that organizations can achieve better outcomes for what they spend on. The professionals are required to know about the software and hardware industry, Industries are following latest trends, the latest tools available and the implementations along with the ability to rectify the issues to develop solutions at the fundamental level.

Bachelor of Computer Applications is an Undergraduate Course that closely deals with the field of computers and its applications in various domains of society. The course curriculum mainly focuses on using various applications, web development, and database management for example, by gaining in-depth knowledge of various tools and applying the same for managing various jobs in an organization commonly related to IT industry. Analysis of various tools available and filtering out the best suitable is an important trait for the organizations. Being the top university for BCA in Rajkot, Marwadi University has established ultra-modern computer labs equipped with the latest hardware, software and internet facilities where students get to understand the fundamentals of IT, various tools for different domains and their implementations. College provides training by industry professionals to develop new tools in various available technologies.

Thus, the search for best BCA College in Rajkot terminates at Marwadi University where keen efforts to produce skilled professionals for industry are made by highly qualified and experienced faculties.

Scope of

In recent decades, we have witnessed widespread use of computer in every field. The revolutionary usage of computers has brought up a wide spectrum of job opportunities in IT sector. Companies are looking for skilled developers, network associates, system administrators, web designers, graphic designers etc. Degree in BCA with adequate skills from this Top BCA College in Rajkot has awarded a large number of students of this Best BCA College in Rajkot with striking job opportunities paying them high salaries. A large number of students have settled abroad and many are serving the public sector at recognized job profiles.


Out of the Best BCA Colleges in Gujarat, MU enjoys the top spot by dedicatedly providing quality learning to bring up the following student outcomes:

  • Students get their IT skills sharpened.
  • Students attain the in-depth understanding of latest technologies and their implementations.
  • Ability to identify and decide the best tools for a problem domain.
  • Ability to search out better and effective alternatives for existing solutions.
  • Ability to implement the available tools and use them to their fullest capabilities.
  • Ability to come up with critique ideas for badly implemented solutions.
  • Ability to produce their ideas and proposals confidently.
  • Ability to serve their employer in a productive manner.


12th Std with minimum 45%

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Computer Applications Courses

Bachelor of Computer Applications
Bachelor of Computer Applications (Hons.)

Graduate Programs



Semester I (w.e.f. Jul, 2017)
Serial No.Course codeCourse nameCreditsSyllabus
105SL0102Elect. 1: Reading and Writing for Science2View
205SL0103Elect. 2 : Speaking and Presentation Skills2View
305BC0102Foundation of Mathematics -I5View
405BC0103Computer Fundamentals5View
505BC0104Programming using ‘C’5View
605BC0105Introduction to Internet and HTML 54View
705BC0106IDE tools (Office/OS Commands, Photoshop, Coreldraw)2
805BC0107Library & Information Resources1
905BC0108Sports & Yoga1
1005BC0109Operation Workouts-14
Semester II (w.e.f. Jan, 2018)
Serial No.Course codeCourse nameCreditsSyllabus
105SL0152Elect. 1: English for Workplace2View
205SL0153Elect. 2 : English through Movies2View
305BC0202Foundation of Mathematics-II (Discrete Mathematics)5View
405BC0203Computer Organization and Architecture5View
505BC0204Data Structure using ‘C’5View
605BC0205Database Management System – I5View
705BC0207Library & Information Resources1
805BC0208Sports & Yoga1
905BC0209Operation Workouts-24
Semester III
Serial No.Course codeCourse nameCreditsSyllabus
105BC0301Foundation of Mathematics-III (Computer Oriented Numerical Methods)5View
205BC0302Financial Accounting and Management4View
305BC0303System Analysis and Design5View
405BC0304Object Oriented Programming using C++5View   Pratical
505BC0305Database Management System-II5View   Pratical
605BC0306Library & Information Resources1
705BC0307Sports & Yoga1
805BC0308Operation Workouts-34
Semester IV
Serial No.Course codeCourse nameCreditsSyllabus
105BC0401Foundation of Mathematics-IV (Statistical Methods)5View
205BC0402Enterprise Resource Planning5View
305BC0403Operating System6View
405BC0404Core Java6View
505BC0405Project Using C++2
605BC0406Library & Information Resources1
705BC0407Sports & Yoga1
805BC0408Operation Workouts-34
Semester V
Serial No.Course codeCourse nameCreditsSyllabus
105BC0501Advanced JAVA6View Pratical
205BC0502Fundamentals of Networking4View
305BC0503Object Oriented Analysis and Design4View
405BC0504Web Application Development using PHP/My SQL6View
505BC0505Library & Information Resources1
605BC0506Sports & Yoga1
705BC0507Operation Workouts-54
Semester VI
Serial No.Course codeCourse nameCreditsSyllabus
105BC0601Information Security5View
205BC0602Programming with Python6View
305BC0603Software Testing5View
405BC0604User Defined Project2View
505BC0605Library & Information Resources1
605BC0606Sports & Yoga1
705BC0607Operation Workouts-64

Teaching Scheme

Semester I (w.e.f. Jul, 2017)
Subject CodeSubject NameElaborationTeaching Scheme (Hours)CreditsTheory MarksTutorial/ Practical MarksTotal Marks
TheoryTutorialPracticalESE(E)IACSEViva (V)Term work (TW)
CS Specialization – I05SL0102 – Elect. 1: Reading and Writing for Science
05SL0103 – Elect. 2 : Speaking and Presentation Skills
Skill Soft – Eng. Lang. (Secondary)0202030202525100
05BC0102Foundation of Mathematics -ICORE (Primary)401550302000100
05BC0103Computer FundamentalsCORE (Primary)401550302000100
05BC0104Programming using ‘C’CORE (Primary)34055030202525150
05BC0105Introduction to Internet and HTML 5CORE (Primary)24045030202525150
05BC0106IDE tools (Office/OS Commands, Photoshop, Coreldraw)CORE (Primary)0402030202525100
05BC0107Library & Information ResourcesData & Information Skills (Tertiary)0201000000
05BC0108Sports & YogaPhysical Education (Tertiary)0201000000
05BC0109Operation Workouts-1Industry Readiness Skill (Secondary)0804030202525100
Semester II (w.e.f. Jan, 2018)
Subject CodeSubject NameElaborationTeaching Scheme (Hours)CreditsTheory MarksTutorial/ Practical MarksTotal Marks
TheoryTutorialPracticalESE(E)IACSEViva (V)Term work (TW)
CS Specialization – II05SL0152 – Elect. 1: English for Workplace
05SL0153 – Elect. 2 : English through Movies
Skill Soft – Eng. Lang. (Secondary)0202030202525100
05BC0202Foundation of Mathematics-II (Discrete Mathematics)CORE (Primary)401550302000100
05BC0203Computer Organization and ArchitectureCORE (Primary)401550302000100
05BC0204Data Structure using ‘C’CORE (Primary)34055030202525150
05BC0205Database Management System – ICORE (Primary)34055030202525150
05BC0207Library & Information ResourcesData & Information Skills (Tertiary)0201000000
05BC0208Sports & YogaPhysical Education (Tertiary)0201000000
05BC0209Operation Workouts-2Industry Readiness Skill (Secondary)0804030202525100
Semester III
Subject CodeSubject NameElaborationTeaching Scheme (Hours)CreditsTheory MarksTutorial/ Practical MarksTotal Marks
TheoryTutorialPracticalESE(E)IACSEViva (V)Term work (TW)
05BC0301Foundation of Mathematics-III (Computer Oriented Numerical Methods)CORE (Primary)401550302000100
05BC0302Financial Accounting and ManagementCORE (Primary)400450302000100
05BC0303System Analysis and DesignCORE (Primary)401550302000100
05BC0304Object Oriented Programming using C++CORE (Primary)34055030202525150
05BC0305Database Management System-IICORE (Primary)34055030202525150
05BC0306Library & Information ResourcesData & Information Skills (Tertiary)02*01000000
05BC0307Sports & YogaPhysical Education (Tertiary)02*01000000
05BC0308Operation Workouts-3Industry Readiness Skill (Secondary)08*04030202525100
Semester IV
Subject CodeSubject NameElaborationTeaching Scheme (Hours)CreditsTheory MarksTutorial/ Practical MarksTotal Marks
TheoryTutorialPracticalESE(E)IACSEViva (V)Term work (TW)
05BC0401Foundation of Mathematics-IV (Statistical Methods)CORE (Primary)401550302000100
05BC0402Enterprise Resource PlanningCORE (Primary)401550302000100
05BC0403Operating SystemCORE (Primary)40065030202525150
05BC0404Core JavaCORE (Primary)44065030202525150
05BC0405Project Using C++CORE (Primary)04055030202525150
05BC0406Library & Information ResourcesData & Information Skills (Tertiary)02*01000000
05BC0407Sports & YogaPhysical Education (Tertiary)02*01000000
05BC0408Operation Workouts-4Industry Readiness Skill (Secondary)08*04030202525100
Semester V
Subject CodeSubject NameElaborationTeaching Scheme (Hours)CreditsEvaluation Scheme
Theory MarksPractical MarksTotal Marks
TheoryPracticalTutorialESE (E)IACSEViva (V)Term Work (TW)
05BC0501Advanced JAVACORE (Primary)44065030202525150
05BC0502Fundamentals of Networking4004503020100
05BC0503Object Oriented Analysis and Design4004503020100
05BC0504Web Application Development using PHP/My SQL44065030202525150
05BC0505Library & Information ResourcesData & Information Skills (Tertiary)02*01000000
05BC0506Sports & YogaPhysical Education (Tertiary)02*01000000
05BC0507Operation Workouts-5Industry Readiness Skill (Secondary)08*04030202525100
Total :16202262001501007575600

* During working Saturday

Semester VI
Subject CodeSubject NameElaborationTeaching Scheme (Hours)CreditsEvaluation Scheme
Theory MarksPractical MarksTotal Marks
TheoryPracticalTutorialESE (E)IACSEViva (V)Term Work  (TW)
05BC0601Information SecurityCORE (Primary)4015503020100
05BC0602Programming with Python44065030202525150
05BC0603Software Testing4015503020100
05BC0604User Defined Project0402030202525100
05BC0605Library & Information ResourcesData & Information Skills (Tertiary)02*01000000
05BC0606Sports & YogaPhysical Education (Tertiary)02*01000000
05BC0607Operation Workouts-6Industry Readiness Skill (Secondary)08*04030202525100
Total :12202241501501007575550

* During working Saturday