Computers – A marvel of the modern era

Computers – A marvel of the modern era

Before you start reading this, think of the time do you spend on your computer, laptop, or even your smartphone every day. Do you realise the importance of these gadgets in your life?

Computers – The giants who have taken over the world

Invented by Charles Babbage, the modern computer has flourished the lives of the present era. Like every other invention, Computers were invented to ease the lives of human beings. But who knew that within a century, it would become a core part of everyone’s routine life?

To start from the basics, a Computer is a device for device for processing, storing, and displaying information. But with the technology experts constantly revamping this innocent invention, the present Computer systems can do much more than that. That is one of the reasons why these giants have taken over the world. They play a major role in the socio-economic and scientific activities of the world. In fact, everyone is so much dependent on this device that without it, major economies of the world will shut down easily.

Such is the impact of this giant which have taken over the world. By the way, do you know that the word ‘Computer is an abbreviation? Its full form is Common Operating Machine Used for Technological and Educational Research. Ahh, just the right dose of knowledge to add a zest to your day!

Shaping the digital revolution

Invented in the late 19th century, Internet has played a major role in the digital revolution. But without computers, the internet would not have had a medium to execute its potential. Hence, it is apt to say that Computers have played a crucial role in shaping the digital revolution.

The smartphones and laptops you use, supporting the revolution, are just the adaptation of these giants. To be precise, a smaller and compact version to the comparatively bigger-sized computers.

The digital revolution has not only brought up a new wave of change but has also accelerated the growth of global economies. It has generated a vast number of jobs and has provided a decent standard of living to individuals who have taken them. As this revolution has just began and shows a promising future ahead, this growth is nowhere going to stop.

Thus, in today’s world, there is a huge demand for professionals who have completed computer-related courses such as BCA course, MCA course or a Post-graduate diploma course in Big Data Analytics or Digital Marketing.

Though, all of these courses belong to different domains, all of them hold promising careers with an assurance of decent standards of living. If you graduate from reputed colleges like Marwadi University, you add more value to your career.

Make a mark with MU:

From astronomical laboratories to homes, Computers are being used everywhere. Though in the near future these systems might become compact, their importance is going to grow continually. In fact, humans are now going to rely on technology more than ever.

Hence, it is ideal to pursue a bachelors’ or master’s degree in this field. At Marwadi University, one of the top universities of Gujarat, we provide the following courses related to Computers:

  1. BCA Course (Bachelor of Computer Applications)
  2. MCA Course (Master of Computer Applications)
  3. Postgraduate Diploma course in Big Data Analytics / Digital Marketing

All these courses are highly relevant for today’s world and their curriculum is in-line with the industry demands. We also offer attractive placement opportunities from major players like TCS, Amazon, Flipkart, Siemens, Swiggy, Syska LED, Samsung, etc. which help you to make a mark from the beginning of your career.

Thus, apply for these courses today to secure your seat in Marwadi University!

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