Connecting ideas and solution together for Innovation and smart Rajkot

Connecting ideas and solution together for Innovation and smart Rajkot

“Together we will solve all the issues that are affecting the nation. This will be done through ‘Jan Bhagidari’” Says our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Damodardas Modi.

smart city rajkotThe concept of ‘Jan Bhagidari Yojna’ was coined to promote the strength of unity. And when it evolves throughout the nation, there is no grievance that can remain unsolved. With the evolution of this scheme, it encourages the idea that the government must work in partnership with the citizens of the society to deliver quality and efficient public services. In lieu of this, the government has raised its voice to let the technically-sound students take part in solving the day-to-day issues of the city of Rajkot in particular. And hence, Smart City Rajkot Hackathon has been devised. On the grounds of this huge event, the students will help to fetch good results for the city of Rajkot. This event is organized by Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) and hosted by Marwadi University- the Top University in Rajkot.

smart city gujaratThinking of the social issues that are to be eradicated using the solutions offered by the students, in a total of 24 departments are involved. Some of the departments involved are Waste management, Water management, Awas Yojna dept., Tourism, Drainage, Electricity, Public utility, etc. Each department includes some problem statement on the basis of which the participants have to present their IT based solutions. The technologies that they can use can be based on Internet Of Things (IoT), Websites, auto-rectifying mechanisms, mobile-friendly apps, control sensors, e-governance and alert systems. This event helps in making the students more technically sound. And in fact, nowadays it is necessary to get involved in the digital drive that has grown more in this decade. Now if we think of the reason of why the government is focussing more on the urban city Rajkot, here are some of the crucial key points that put limelight over this thought:

1. Rajkot is the growth engine of the regions of Kutch & Saurashtra, 2. It is the 4th largest city of the state of Gujarat, 3. It is ranked 6th in the fastest growing city in India, 4. Rajkot is the business hub of 11 other districts of Gujarat, 5. It is also the hub of global engineering companies, 6. It has a dynamic share market and much more.

smarty city indiaThe Government values the spirit of innovation that brightens up the candidates with quality and efficient ideas for Rajkot. Outlined by this philosophy and to encourage more responsiveness and participation from the students, the government offers prize money of up to Rs.4,00,000 for three tiers of the winner. This is to acknowledge and boost up the candidates to present out of the box solutions for the real-life issues faced by Rajkot. The students have to present such solutions that are in direct connection with the problems generated. The ideas should solve exactly the same issue completely.

As Marwadi University is the Mentor University, Event Organizer and the Host of Smart City Hackathon, it is providing this huge platform for the students so that they present innovative ideas and solutions that could help Rajkot to evolve as a ‘Smart city’. Many aspirants have formed their teams up with regard to the concerned problem of interest and are ready for the face-off to outrun the prudence in furnishing with the most innovative and the most effective solution.

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