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“Make no mistake, we have a long way to go. Corona Virus will be with us for a long time.”
Tedros Adhanom, Director-General WHO.

World Health Organization says that “COVID-19 will not end any time soon, with several countries only in the initial stages of the fight against the virus.These are unprecedented times and we must take necessary steps to plan for contingencies and ensure requisite precautions, both from personal and business standpoints”.

It is time to seriously develop such procedures that we at MEFGI can perform all our duties and responsibilities effectively without any difficulty. Here is a list of precautions and procedures – our SOP. It is a humble beginning and modifications willbe brought in as the situation evolves.

As the country eases its lockdown measures, we are more committed to followingthese procedures to ensure a smooth transition to the “New Normal” and adapt to the situationby learning “Newer ways of working”.

We aim to streamline COVID19 safety procedures through a standard operating procedure – SOPforMEFGI, because of the coronavirus epidemic in the Country.

MEFGI COVID SOP covers the following points:



  • Greet without physical contact
  • Maintain 6 ft physical distance
  • Wear a correct and reusable face mask, that too correctly-covering mouth and nose
  • Avoid touching eyes,mouth and nose
  • Maintain respiratory hygiene
  • Wash hands frequently and thoroughly
  • Do not chew tobacco, khaini, etc. and spit in public places
  • Regularly clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces
  • Avoid moving around unnecessarily
  • Avoid conducting physical meetings
  • Discourage crowd and restrict your time of talking to minimum-preferably less than 3 minutes
  • Avoid using the lift and a crowd inside the lifts
  • Exercise and be healthy. Develop immunity in your body
  • Keep your “Arogyasetu app” on and be updated
  • In case of sickness, take precautions, quarantine yourself

Procedure for reaching the workplace safely

PM Narendra Modi Government of India has launched the ‘AarogyaSetu App’, a Bluetooth based COVID-19 tracker. Employees must download the AarogyaSetu App and check status on the app before starting for work. The app will alert users if they come in proximity of an infected person, inform users about best practices and relevant medical advisories. The App is available for Android and iOS users.

  • It is mandatory to have Arogya-SetuApp. There will be surprise checks for the App
  • Preferably use your transport or a sanitized Taxi/ Auto or MEFGI Bus
  • Avoid A/C usage
  • Keep the car/taxi windows partially open
  • Do not start for work, if you notice symptoms of COVID 19 like increase in temperature
  • Wear Face mask provided by the company, especially when using public transport
  • Use of Goggles when commuting is recommended
  • Comply with the Thermal temperature checking every day at the reception
  • Cooperate for the health & safety checks.

Points to be considered before entering the work-place

  • Cooperate for the health & safety check
  • Self-declare any symptoms – cough, fever or any other infection
  • Self-declare if anyone in the family has developed any symptoms
  • Self-declare if traveled recently or have participated in any gathering
  • Sanitise hands frequently. Keep the mask on

Points while at work

  • Ensure you entertain minimum people in your office
  • Sanitize all areas in your office upto six feet high and avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily
  • Use your writing material for signing. Avoid touching or passing papers
  • Carry your water.
  • Avoid using AC and keep your room well ventilated
  • Wear your mask if anyone enters your working-space


At the Main gate

  • All gate-in, except company bus commuters, will be screened through IR Thermometer at the gate itself.
  • All gate-in vehicles will be checked for the starting point, travel route and only vehicles starting their journey from non-containment zoneswill be allowed to enter. Drivers will also be checked for fitness and place of residence& travel details.
  • Company related parcels/articles will be kept at the Main gate for one-day sun-sanitization.
  • Non-company articles/parcels will be sanitized at the gate and handed over only after taking out the wrapper.
  • A separate register will be maintained for all persons coming from containment zones/other states at the main gate. Sr. Manager will be informed immediately.
  • A gate-in summary of entries will be sent to SVP, Admin every evening.

At the Reception Area

  • All staff members will be screened at Reception by IR Thermometer. People not wearing masks will be advised to wear masks.
  • All students’ entry during nonacademic timings will be subject to approval from Authorities. Students wearing masks will be screened and permitted only after IR thermometer checking.
  • All visitors other than students and staff members will be permitted after authorisation from Registrar Sir and after performing necessary checks.
  • Staff members queuing up for a punch in/out need to maintain proper 6ft physical distance

Common areas (washrooms, punching area, canteen, library, workshop, auditorium, laboratories, and lifts.

  • Enter the washroom without direct touch to handle or door, use a paper napkin to open washroom doors
  • Flush water before and after use of the washroom
  • Use hand-wash liquid and rinse hands for 20 seconds
  • After rinsing, use a paper napkin to close the tap
  • Throw the used paper napkin in the dustbin.

Punching Area

  • All staff members should ensure that they must come on campus only when they are completely healthy, IR thermometer checking before entry is mandatory
  • All staff members entering into the punching area must ensure that they wear a mask
  • Staff members should come at staggered timings to punch area and avoid crowding
  • Coughing/sneezing should be avoided in mass gathering
  • Maintain physical distancing and avoid socialising at punching area
  • Every effort should be made by staff members not to touch any part of the premises
  • Used tissues etc. to be put in the Biowaste dustbin kept suitably in the reception area
  • Staff members can also use the punching machine kept at the back entranceto avoid crowding.


  • Only students and Hostel staff members are allowed to take meals inside the Canteen premises
  • Staff members interested in taking food parcels can contact Mohani Canteen Manager for the same.


  • Entry in the library will be permitted only for people wearing masks
  • All staff members and students inside the Library have to strictly wear the mask during their presence in Library
  • Student/Staff members must sanitize hands before their entry inside the premises
  • Students/staff members feeling sick must avoid visiting the Library
  • There should be a proper social distance between students/staff members sitting inside


  • A place of mass gathering should be avoided for any function as far as possible.


  • Lifts usage should be discouraged and it should be used for going up to higher floors i.e. 4th, 5th or 6th floor only
  • Lift button to call Lift at particular floor should be pushed only with paper bit and paper bit should be disposed of in the dustbin
  • Lifts walls should not be touched and people must face towards the walls for protection against coughing/sneezing by others
  • Preferably, avoid lifts to come down to maintain physical distancing of 6 feet
  • In bigger lifts, maximum 7 and in smaller lifts maximum 2 passengers are expected to travel.

Procedure for working in
groups for studying, maintenance, and service

Group working/studies should be avoided but in unavoidable circumstances, it should be done following all COVID precautions. All members in such tasks must clean their hands properly after completion of the task and wear masks, without fail. Maximum ventilation should be ensured at the site of work. Physical contact should be avoided at any cost and people must disperse immediately

Do’s and Don’ts for

  • Avoid eating together from other tiffin boxes
  • Use washrooms with proper precautions
  • Avoid physical contact with each other
  • Use masks without fail and keep washing/changing the same daily
  • Take bath immediately after going back home, without touching any items of home
  • Don’t plan any long-distance travel for next year
  • Don’t eat food in food outlets and restrict yourself fromeating homemade food
  • Visits to malls and places of large gatherings should be avoided to the maximum

While using University Transportation

  • Maintain proper distance while boarding or getting down from the bus
  • Avoid touching the handles etc. and always wear a mask during traveling
  • Don’t board overcrowded buses and avoid speaking inside the bus
  • Windows should be opened for proper ventilation
  • Eating inside the bus should be strictly avoided
  • Don’t put bags and other belongings on the bus floor.

Responsibilities of


  • Will ensure that no person is permitted from containment zone unless otherwise directed by Authorities
  • No person, without masks is permitted to enter the Campus and building
  • Proper physical distance is maintained by all coming to campus
  • Ensure no Spitting in campus
  • No staff member will visit the Mess without Registrar’s permission, given students’ safety


  • Regular cleaning of all premises and deep cleaning of washrooms should be done taking into consideration COVID precautions
  • Training of staff to remain aware of the coronavirus and steps to be taken to avoid its spread
  • Cleaning of offices and places of multiple usage like lift buttons, washroom doors, office doors, lobby rails, etc.
  • Ensuring all staff members follow COVID guidelines like wearing the mask and maintaining social distance
  • All surfaces where multiple people touch, like the door, handles, doors, glass window handles, etc. should be cleaned by housekeeping regularly using sanitising liquid
  • All areas of multi usage should be identified by Hk Department and focused cleaning should be done on those parts.


  • Only passengers with masks from non-containment areas are permitted
  • All passengers should maintain proper physical distance
  • All buses should be sanitised for travel
  • All bus drivers must wear masks and maintain their buses.

Staff and Faculties

  • Everyone must wear a mask at work. Also, always carry a spare Face Mask
  • Before entering Reception/Office, use Hand Sanitiser
  • On reaching office, keep your handbag and proceed straight to thoroughly wash your hands
  • Preferably, take the stairs. No more than 2 (faculty lifts) or 7 (general lifts) inside an elevator at any time. Use paper bits to press lift buttons.
  • Avoid going to other’s desks. Use extension phones and mobiles or other online messenger tools.
  • Outside Food parcel delivery will not be permitted. Enjoy your Lunch alone
  • No Visitors will be permitted in the office
  • Use of Meeting Rooms to be minimized. For any unavoidable meeting, seating to be at least two meters apart
  • Laptop users to carry their Laptops home daily and sanitise it on reaching home
  • All couriers and posts will be disinfected/sanitised. As far as possible, use an electronic method for sending and receiving documents
  • Do not miss out on the power of collaboration and conversations, now the teatime chats and pantry conversations shall be on video group calls. Your colleagues are just a call away
  • Ensure physical distancing at public places, workplaces and while traveling as per guidelines issued by the Government
  • Use technology to socialise.


For Students

  • All Students reporting to hostels should submit antigen/RTPCR negative certificate ( taken with in 72H) to their respective wardens.
  • Along with it, the students joining hostels will also render an undertaking on the following lines:-
  • I wish to Return to/ join in the Hostel to attend classes and to work in labs, library and other academic related areas. I am joining on my own accord and will take all necessary social responsibility to remain healthy and cooperate with hostel wardens and staff in maintaining all covid precautions.
  • I do not have any cough, cold, fever or breathing problem. None of my family members where I live (Location____________) is suffering from any symptoms of covid.
  • I am healthy and do not have any morbid disease for which I am taking medicines. I am medically fit.
  • I will wear mask, maintain social distance all times, I will keep a sanitizer to sanitize my hands often.
  • I will keep Arogya Setu App updated and active at all times.
  • In case of any difficulty, I will, without hesitation contact my warden to take all support. I am also aware of the medical centre and ambulance is available in the campus. I am ready to get admitted in Govt Hospital/HCG Hospital/ any nearest hospital in case I require a close medical care.
  • Finally, I understand that, I have common place for washroom, canteen, dining facility etc. It is my duly to have patience and ensure all covid precautions are observed by me. I am a volunteer to educate my friends in this regard.

For Wardens and Supporting Staff

  • All Supporting staff will wear mask, maintain social distance and ensure sanitizing of their hands frequently.
  • They will ensure that all areas are properly sanitized as per laid out protocol. Also areas where there are large moments cleaning will be done more frequently.
  • They will keep a close monitoring of the hostel students for their safety.
  • Any cases of disobedience /misbehavior by students will be put up to Academic/Admin department for suitable disciplinary/administrative action.
  • They will ensure that there are no frequent visits by visitors/contractors.
  • If there are any case of covid positive, quarantine procedure for 14 days will be strictly followed.
  • Newly reported cases without covid check will be kept separately quarantined till covid test is done & report comes negative.
  • Separate entry and floors are earmarked for any quarantine case due to covid positive or suspected of having contacted a Covid case.

The above instructions are guidelines. The Wardens and staff are requested to ensure that these are be implemented to ensure a safe environment in Hostel.


Prevention is better than cure. Hence, we should endeavor to inculcate a habit of following COVID 19 guidelines religiously. A mistake at any level by any stakeholder can cost time, money, health, and life. Let’s adhere to the SOP and keep MEFGI Corona free. Follow ABC (Always Be Careful)

By Senior Manager Admin

Official government guidelines and updates can be accessed from https://www.mohfw.gov.in/

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