Explore agriculture as a career option at Marwadi University

Explore agriculture as a career option at Marwadi University

India being a country with agriculture as its backbone, it needs more and more people who are sound in the agricultural science field. There have been various examples where the people of the nation have proved the importance of agriculture and portrayed the efforts depicting their aim of protecting this agricultural legacy. One of them was Green Revolution Indian Government to make India even wealthy in wheat and rice production.

Marwadi University has shown their interest in the development of the nation by providing professionals in agriculture science to devote their services for the betterment of the nation. The course of B.Sc. (Hons.) in Agriculture at Marwadi University is designed with such objectives that can focus on the overall development of a student from being a naïve kid to a skilled professional who is well aware of agriculture science.

Being one of the best universities in Gujarat, Marwadi University has made sure that no stone is left unturned in providing students with the best possible knowledge in the agriculture field. Whether it is the matter of infrastructure or experienced faculties, everything is provided to the students to make sure that their growth is not hindered.

Key highlights of BSc in Agriculture

The key points that are focussed while designing this course by the experienced faculties of the best agriculture college are mentioned below:

  • To gain knowledge of the challenges in the agriculture sector
  • To develop proficiency in the scientific and technical aspects
  • To provide a spark of innovative thinking
  • To emphasize on practical knowledge about agricultural science
  • To cultivate leadership, entrepreneurship and team building qualities

These are the aspects that the mentors at Marwadi University make sure that students cultivate during the tenure of this course. Now, there might be questions whether there are any chances of employment after the completion of this course or taking this degree might prove to be the wrong decision. But, now my friends, here are the areas and scopes of employment after getting a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Agriculture from the best B.Sc. college in Gujarat:

  • Career opportunities in private and public sector
  • Scopes in various industries such as fertilizers, tractors, pesticides, micro-irrigation, agro-based industries and many more to enlist
  • Banking and import-export sectors in agro-processing units
  • Cold storage and plant tissue culture labs

The above mentioned are just career options after completing the degree in agricultural science from the best university in Gujarat. There is a very bright option other than these too, getting a Master’s degree. Yes, you can have many options for that too- MBA in Agriculture Business Management or M.Sc. (Agriculture) and Ph.D. in specialized areas of agricultural science for better future opportunities.

Outcomes after completing BSc in Agriculture

The possible outcomes that a student will portray after completion of this degree are:

  • Ability to design and conduct experiments to interpret results
  • Ability to apply theoretical knowledge of agricultural science
  • Ability to function in a team and as a team player
  • Ability to apply creative thinking
  • Ability to get the sense of existing and relevant issues in the agricultural field and possible solutions
  • Ability to portray effective communication skills to build a bridge with peers and professionals

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