Germany Students Foreign Exchange Program

Germany Students Foreign Exchange Program

International Seminars and Summer classes are great initiatives that allow the students to gain the much-needed experience and exposure. One such initiative was taken by Marwadi University, the best engineering college in Gujarat. 16 students of Marwadi University along with some students of Kazakhistan, visited Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany from 26th June to 21st July to participate in Summer School 2017 – ‘Global Responsibility – Building the Next Generation’. These students represented India and were from Automobile, Mechanical, Computer and IT Engineering. The university offered to the students i.e Technical University of Kaiserslautern is Germany’s 3rd best University, renown for the expertise in computer science, industrial engineering as well as business and economics. Germany is known for its quality education worldwide, and for its reputed EU It companies, the city of Kaiserslautern is referred to as ‘Silicon Woods’ of Germany.

The Summer programme at Germany provided the students with the much needed exposure and they also gained an edge over the other students in terms of further studies and career opportunities. These students from Marwadi University, the top MBA college of Rajkot, were taught various aspects of Renewable Energies, Innovation Management to Computer Studies during their visit. They were also encouraged to learn German, which developed their basic competency of the German language as well. The students also got to interact with the representatives of Indian students’ group studying full-time at TU Kaiserslautern. This Student interactive programme proved to be beneficial for the students in many ways:

foreign Exchange programIt fulfilled their dream of studying in foreign country under the expert guidance of renowned Engineering & Technology experts. They were not only taught by the University professors but by experts from all over the World. The students were elated and hopeful for a better future while the Parents felt grateful to MU, the best college in Gujarat for introducing the concept of Summer Schools in University education system especially in the Western Gujarat region. All students were given necessary Certificates for their participation which added considerable significance to their Resume and their dream of further studies. In fact, out of the 16 students, 4 students were awarded ‘Ursula & Dieter Haaß-Stiftung’ scholarships of €1000 each.

The Summer programme in Germany which was organized by Marwadi University, the best engineering college in Gujarat opened up excellent avenues for all the students who participated. It not only helped them boost their resume and skills but also uplifted their spirits and confidence. They made various connections, gathered memories, and found friends and mentors outside India. This kind of exposure is hardly possible to gain in regular classes. The practical knowledge associated with Summer classes in Foreign countries such as Germany is impossible to gain by other means. The students had an industrial expert from Tokyo and an expert from Paris to share their studies and ideas. They enjoyed a diverse cultural study with people across the globe studying over there. This Summer school initiative by Marwadi University, the top college in Gujarat, proved to be extremely beneficial for the students and their future.

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