Global Exposure and International Experience promoted by Marwadi University

Global Exposure and International Experience promoted by Marwadi University

global meetmu international experienceWith so many Private Universities showing up on the Education front, it has become way more difficult for the students to choose the best Institute. Apart from education and Faculty, it is important for students to get the right kind of exposure and opportunities for a better future. Marwadi University, the best University in Gujarat, works on this principle. The students of Marwadi University are offered the best education from highly qualified teachers. The education provided to the students is not limited to text books, they are kept updated about the latest advancement in their field of study, and given global exposure. Recently, an International Conference on Advances in Energy Systems and Environmental Engineering (ASEE 17) was held at Wroclaw (1-7th July 2017), Poland, in which delegates from 40 countries participated. Dr. Arora who was representing Marwadi University, Rajkot, was the sole candidate from India. The aim of the International conference on advances in energy systems and environmental engineering was to bring together scientists and engineers, involved in Energy and Environment, from all over the world.

Dr. Amarpreet Singh Arora, Head of Chemical Engineering Department and Senior Professor of Environmental Engineering at Marwadi University was invited to present his pioneering research paper on ‘Urban stormwater-greywater management system for sustainable urban water management at sub-watershed level’ at the conference.

global meet @MUDr. Arora was, in fact, representing his students. He was able to learn and further impart the students with the latest ideas and techniques developing all around the world through his active interaction with the rest of the professors at the conference. The students were also detailed about the various ideas and advances from about 39 countries of the world. Dr. Arora met various professors and academics from UK, Germany, Sweden, China, Japan, Turkey, South Korea and the Republic of Kazakhstan. He was able to discuss, develop and create avenues to hereafter engage in International Academic-Research initiatives with Marwadi University. This visit to Poland, and meet and greet with foreign Universities has opened up various opportunities for the students of Marwadi University, the top engineering college in Gujarat. In fact, his invitation was a critical breakthrough for the participation of 11 Marwadi University students in 04 weeks and 06 weeks’ Summer Schools at WUST, with more such in forthcoming years too.

international experienceExperiences and knowledge collected and shared by Dr.Arora helped the students to widen their horizon and have better and informed ideas. Dr. Arora had the honor to meet Dr. Guiqing Liu (in black suit), Professor, Lab of Env. and Chemical Engg., and discuss his research with him. His discussions related to Environmental Sustainability and new initiatives undertaken by Environmental Agencies of the respective countries helped him and thus his students to gain a greater perspective on the topic. Dr. Arora and Dr. Lu, Associate Professor, School of Civil Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, China, shared ideas on the state of Air pollution in the cities of China especially in Beijing and New Delhi, India.

Dr. Arora delivered a talk on his research entitled “Urban Stormwater-Greywater Management system for sustainable urban water management” on 4th July. He was widely appreciated. He has been invited by Prof. Jouhara, Chairperson of the conference for the International Conference to be held in London (2018) at his parent University, i.e. Brunel University London.

Dr. Kamil Staniec, Ph.D., D.Sc. Associate Professor, had discussions with regard to summer school programs in their department. Like the Labs of EC Dept. of Marwadi University their labs are associated with CISCO and Prof. had vast knowledge with regard to IOT. He shared with Dr. Arora, details of his research project involving the installation of sensors all across Oder River providing instant quality data to the water supply authorities. Dr. Kamil expressed his keen interest to come to Marwadi University if invited for a 1 or 2 months as visiting faculty.

mu exposureDr. Arora’s visit to Poland has opened up various avenues for the engineering students of Marwadi University, the top college in Rajkot. Apart from advance knowledge and ideas, this visit has offered the students’ with growth opportunities with global exposure. Dr. Arora, also visited Lodz University of Technology, Poland for Student Exchange Program. There he met Prof. Elzbieta Skiba, Professor of Chemistry who elaborated him on their new course offerings related to Microbiology, i.e. Advanced Biobased and Bioinspired Materials. This course will be offered in English. If interested they can invited Marwadi University Students to take up this course on their campus in Poland.

international meetmu eventsOverall, this initiative taken up by Dr.Arora, on the behalf of Marwadi University proved to be highly beneficial for the students. All the knowledge and new, unexplored ideas from about 39 countries were conveyed to the students by Dr. Arora. The students were exposed to a various different researchers on Environmental Sustainability and new initiatives undertaken by Environmental Agencies, Air, water, and energy nexus, Waste, microbiology in Environmental engineering, Cooling technologies, evaporative cooling (M-Cycle), Modular Nuclear Reactors, Renewable Energy technologies, Heat pumps, District heating and cooling Zero energy buildings. Apart from this, global opportunities like student exchange programs and summer classes in Poland were also opened for the students of Marwadi University, the top University in Gujarat. By providing this global exposure and world class opportunities to its students, Marwadi University is making way for a brighter future for them.

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