Here is how you can crack UGC-NET exams [PART-II]

Here is how you can crack UGC-NET exams [PART-II]

As we told in the last blog, it is required to crack the UGC-NET exam with a good score to take an admission in our top-ranked PhD university- Marwadi University. In the last blog post, we covered a few tips regarding how you can score well in the upcoming UGC-NET exam. This post also covers some other sure-shot tips about the same.

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Smartly manage your time

Studying all the time is not the key to success and you need to understand this. It isn’t necessary to hold your books all the time during the day and even at night. But yes, it is important to fully focus on what you learn whenever you sit for it. Make sure to prioritize your subjects. You must know which subject would take how much time so that you can allow fair time to each topic. Studying every day for at least 4 to 5 hours is enough however you can decide it on your own.

Lift up your confidence

Many of you might have felt during even your normal mid-semester exams that you feel very low and nervous even after completing your entire syllabus. This means that you have a lack of confidence. This happens with most of the students due to which they cannot concentrate on their studies. Hence, it is of immense importance to keep you motivated and encouraged all the time. For this, you may read some inspirational books or do meditation. Both of these help you a lot overcome your anxiety and nervousness.

Take help of previous papers

This is the best way to prepare for your UGC-NET exam easily and more efficiently. Analyse the old papers properly to have an idea on the type of questions, type of topics, pattern of questions, etc. And solving these papers can also give you a measure of your knowledge. Take it as a measure to decide which all topics are there which still require your serious focus. Give more time to those topics, then!

If you want to take a PhD admission at Marwadi University, you need to work hard and score really good in order to crack this coming UGC-NET exam.

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We wish you best for all your endeavours!

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