How to Build a Career in the EV Industry?

How to Build a Career in the EV Industry?

Similar to work from home – electric vehicles can also become the new normal in the forthcoming years. With their popularity skyrocketing globally, electric vehicles have indeed become a big thing now.

Talking about India, we’re the third-largest country in the world that emits Co2, generating a need to embrace electric vehicles swiftly. And for this, the Indian economy too strives to make constant efforts – if everything goes accordingly, 30% of the movers on the road in India will be electric by 2030!

The future in the field of electric vehicles is pretty much promising, examining the continual technological advancement and growing awareness in oneself about being environmentally conscious.

So, if you incline towards the EV industry, you can kick-start your career in the field by pursuing Masters in Electric Vehicle course or certified programs in electric vehicles- the choice is yours.

Let’s understand about EV industry and its career scope more in particular!


Career Prospects in Electric Vehicle Industry: 

India serves to be a massive market for the growth and development of the electric vehicles business. The rise in the number of people using electric vehicles will lead to an increase in lots of green and skilled jobs in the upcoming years.

Besides, many auto-makers are likely to set up their plant in India, just like Tesla did, making the market for electric vehicles quite huge. To build your career in the EV industry, developing the required knowledge and up skilling yourself along with pursuing electric vehicle engineering is sure to give you an excellent edge.

All in all, with sustainable development held as the absolute way for a better future, the career scope in the EV industry is highly flourishing. The job opportunities open to aspirants are indeed limitless.


Job Opportunities after an EV Course: 

India being still in the developing phase when it comes to the EV market, there are no defined job roles for electric vehicle aspirants. The EV business is a dynamic field, so experts from different engineering streams are required. So, professionals from chemical, electrical, mechanical and automobile are hired in the EV industry.

On completion of the EV course, the job opportunities you can get as a starter in the EV sector are as follows:

  • Design and Development: The field requires software engineers, technicians, industrial designers etc., to design and test components like batteries, motors & generators and find affordable solutions to reduce vehicle costs.
  • Scientific Research: The industry requires R&D professionals to keep up with the latest technology trends plus improve battery charging, recharging technology etc. Someone with experience in the chemical and material science field can take up this opportunity.
  • Maintenance: Electrical systems require workers skilled in electrics. The maintenance workers have to install and change batteries based on the electric vehicle. Generally, mechanics and technicians are the best for this kind of role.
  • Infrastructure: With an increase in electric vehicles, we will need charging points on the roads. The main focus is to install and improve existing charging points. The powerline repairers and installers are needed with some electricians to fulfil charging infrastructure.
  • Manufacturing: Professionals need to stay focused on machine and production perspectives. Machinists, Industrial Managers, Equipment Assemblers etc., are required to work in this sector for administering processes like machine tool operation and assembly.

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