Marwadi University will host INDICON 2019

Marwadi University will host INDICON 2019

Marwadi University is hosting the prestigious technological conference – INDICON 2019 on December 13-15, 2019. Attend this conference for insights in the field of Science and Technology.

Explore more about the conference as below:


Held by IEEE India Council, INDICON 2019 is a major annual conference for the fields of Computer Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Electronics & Communication Engineering. The conference provides a great learning opportunity into these fields while addressing the new technological reforms as well.

It is a metamorphic version of the Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) which was the annual meeting of IEEE India Council prior to 2004. The first INDICON Conference was organised by IEEE Kharagpur section on 22-24 December 2004.

In the past 15 years, the conference has garnered a lot of international attention as well.

Activities at the conference:

The following activities will be held at INDICON 2019.


INDICON 2019, at the Marwadi University, will host two tutorials on December 13, 2019. These tutorials will give hands-on experience to the participants to enhance their skills and knowledge. Know more details on them here.

Tutorial Title of the tutorial Name of the Presenter Brief of the tutorial Who should attend? Duration
Tutorial 1 Unobtrusive sensing for Health Avik Ghose from TCS Research & Innovation Will cover technologies like Human Radar, VOC, Single-point camera, etc. that gives biosignals and provide valuable sensing inputs. Individuals from medical/engineering backgrounds 2 hours
Tutorial 2 Edge Intelligence in the Internet of Things N. Venkatesh from Redpine Signals, Inc. Will explain how IoT devices with Edge intelligence are architected and built.It will provide a foundation for the concepts involved in low power connectivity and computation. Researchers/Engineers working in the Computer science domain 3 hours

Invited talks:

The organisers of INDICON 2019 have invited some imminent speakers. Check out some of the speakers as below:

Name of the Speaker Title of the talk Institution
Ajay Agarwal Role of Micro nanotechnologies in PoC and Early Diagnostics CEERI Pilani
Amit Nanavati SNAzzy – Social Network Analysis for Telecom Business Intelligence IBM India Research Lab
Atul Negi AI for Social good University of Hyderabad
Chittaranjan Hota Can IoT become innately intelligent? Myth vs Reality
Preeti Bajaj Medical devices design and development and innovation in Assistive technologies – BETIC GHRCE Riasoni University, Nagpur
Sanjay M Kimbahune A process-driven approach for innovation and learning from fieldwork TCS Research and Innovation
SN Singh Estimation of Grid harmonics in the presence of Renewable energy sources Vice-Chancellor, MMM University of Technology, Gorakhpur
Suman Mitra Facial expression recognition – Classic feature-based approach to deep learning techniques DA-IICT, Gandhinagar

Plenary Speakers:

Some of the plenary speakers at INDICON 2019 are:

Ravinder Dahiya:

  • Professor of Electronics and Nano-Engineering
  • EPSRC Research Fellow
  • School of Engineering, Glasgow (UK)
  • IEEE Sensors Council President-elect (2020-21)
  • Title: Large are soft eSkin for Advances in Robotics, Prosthesis, and Wearables

Toshio Fukuda:

  • Professor, Beijing Institute of Technology/ Meijo University (China)
  • Professor Emeritus, Nagoya University (Japan)
  • IEEE President-elect 2019

Cecilia Metra:

  • IEEE Fellow
  • Professor and Deputy President of Engineering
  • School of the University of Bologna DEI – ARCES, University of Bologna, Italy
  • IEEE Computer Society President – 2019

Accepted Workshops:

These are the accepted workshops that will be conducted during INDICON 2019. To know more about these workshops, click here.

Workshop Title of the Workshop Speaker Duration Audience
Workshop – 1 Deep Learning Applications Design, Development and Deployment in IoT Edge Dr. Jayakumar Rinanu Full day Engineers or Engineering college teaching staff
Workshop – 2 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Dr. Adarsh Kumar Half-day Students, research scholar, staff, and faculty members

IEEE Women in Engineering and IEEE Young Professionals Track:

Being organised on December 13, 2019, the IEEE Women in Engineering and IEEE Young Professionals Track aims to promote, motivate, inspire, and encourage women in the field of Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics. It will also provide opportunities for networking, monitoring, and collaboration to the attendees.

The session will have a quiz round for the participants followed by a round table mentoring session and panel session. Get to know more details here.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship event:

For those who want to be inspired, educated, and empowered towards entrepreneurship, this event is meant for them. The keynote address will be given by Mr. Sunil Parekh, Advisor of Zydus Group followed by sessions by eminent panelists.

The event will be held on December 13, 2019, from 2 PM to 4 PM at the campus of our Marwadi University.

Apart from these events, Poster presentations and lectures will be organised as well.

We, at Marwadi University, cordially invite you to attend the conference and make the most of this brilliant opportunity. Register today to book your slot. Know more at

About IEEE:

IEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to technological advancement, innovation, and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE India Council is its daughter organisation which aims to assist and co-ordinate the activities of local ‘Sections’ in order to benefit the society.

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