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Students from India and Kazakhstan visited Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany from 26th June to 21st July to participate in Summer School 2017 – ‘Global Responsibility – Building the next Generation’. India was represented by 16 students of Marwadi University, herein students from Automobile, Mechanical, Computer and IT Engineering eagerly participated. TU Kaiserslautern has a distinguished reputation in the fields of mathematics & computer science. Largely due to the same Kaiserslautern city has become a birth place of reputed EU IT companies – it is hence also referred to as ‘Silicon Woods’ of Germany.

During this Summer programme students studied a variety of subjects ranging from – various aspects of Renewable Energies, Innovation Management to Computer Studies. Out of the 16 students 04 were awarded with ‘Ursula & Dieter Haaß-Stiftung’ scholarships of €1000 each. During and after this Summer School the students expressed their much awaited dream ‘of studying in foreign country under the expert guidance of renowned Engineering & Technology experts’ coming true. Students’ parents too expressed their gratitude to MU-MEFGI for introducing the concept of Summer Schools in University education system esp. in the Western Gujarat region.

All students were given necessary Certificates for their participation which they termed as important to their Job Placement prospects and receiving scholarships for further studies abroad. This student group was led by Prof. Monicaba Vala of Civil Engineering department who too had fruitful interactions with Professors of various departments at TU Kaiserslautern. In addition to regular studies students were offered German language classes too during this Summer School which developed their basic competency of German language. MU students also interacted with representatives of Indian students’ group studying full-time at TU Kaiserslautern – Doctoral students Prof. Nikita Bhardwaj-Haupt and Prof. Nishant from this group mentored & counseled students on varied aspects of studying in Germany. In additions, students also had planned excursion trips to the local Football stadium and guided city tour. Other than Kaiserslautern city students also visited the nearby famous Mannheim Palace in Mannheim city.

List of Students

S No. Name Branch Country
1 Jay Rajendrabhai Dasani Computer –  GTU Germany
2 Yuvraj Shahajirao Shinde Computer – MU Germany
3 Bhautik Rameshbhai Chovatiya Computer – MU Germany
4 Zenith Kalpeshbhai Popat Computer – MU Germany
5 Priyanka Rajendra Savani Computer – MU Germany
6 Priyank B. Pandya IT – MU Germany
7 Pravina Vejabhai Bariya Computer – MU Germany
8 Mansi Yogesh Mehta Computer –  MU/GTU unclear Germany
9 Sohan Parmar Mechanical – GTU Germany
10 Rushi Pankajkumar Dadhania Mechanical – GTU Germany
11 Parth Arvindbhai Vora Mechanical – GTU Germany
12 Gaurav Vithalani Mechanical – GTU Germany
13 Romin Jivrajbhai Patel Mechanical – GTU Germany
14 Shammikumar Rakeshkumar Bhatt Mechanical – GTU Germany
15 Bhumit Mukeshbhai Navapara Mechanical – GTU Germany
16 Vikas Mayankbhai Patel Automobile – GTU Germany

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  • Few months back Marwadi University announced the International Students Exchange Program which seemed an interesting. Education at Germany's is a great opportunity to make my resume strong for Masters in Germany, Europe, U.K., USA, Canada or anywhere else. And if not for masters then the course would definitely help me to get a better job in India itself. Higly Qualified and Experienced faculties used PowerPoint Presentation, Visual Aids and Practical approach to deliver the quality education. We were there for summer school and my purpose of attending the summer school was fulfilled.

    Priyanka Savani
    Priyanka Savani Part of Germany Students Exchange Program
  • The importance of physical fitness cannot be emphasized enough. In today's society that is moving towards a more sedentary lifestyle, there is a greater need than ever to increase the daily activity level to maintain both cardiovascular fitness and body weight.I have learnt that Fitness and Health are very much important part of life and one should be always health conscious German peoples are very much conscious about their health, most of the public uses bicycle to travel. In german train, there is a arrangement to park bicycles.

    Bhautik Chovatiya
    Bhautik Chovatiya Part of Germany Students Exchange Program
  • We 16 students from different engineering branches have visited Kaiserslautern University – Germany. Myself and other 7 students who belongs to CE/IT branch had gone for "Introduction to computational Intelligence" course of 4 weeks. Our professor was Dr. Oliver Wendt. I am  thankful to Marwadi College for providing me this opportunity. I have learnt about Introduction to Python, Solution Space Search and Complex Modelling. Germany Students Exchange Program of Marwadi University gave me an opportunity to study in international environmental and to interact with students of the different country.

    Jay Dasani
    Jay Dasani Part of Germany Students Exchange Program
  • I have wonderful experience in terms of learning. I am thankful to Marwadi University which provided me an opportunity to learn new skill set. Experienced and highly qualified faculties members were having the sound knowledge of the subjects.

    Yuvraj Shinde
    Yuvraj Shinde Part of Germany Students Exchange Program
  • Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of our human society. Failing to ensure the cleanliness of this can have a detrimental impact on the health and well being of all us who are the part of it. I was very much impressed by cleanliness, hygiene and punctuality at Germany

    Zenith Popat
    Zenith Popat Part of Germany Students Exchange Program
  • Education in traffic safety plays a very important role. The people of Germany sincerely follow traffic rules. I am thankful to Marwadi University who provided me an opportunity to enhance my knowledge and skills through this course.

    Priyank Pandya
    Priyank Pandya Part of Germany Students Exchange Program


  • Studying in Germany was one of the most beneficial experiences for our son Jay. Jay had the opportunity to study in a foreign nation and take in the allure and culture of a new land, he learnt time management and self-discipline too. Nowadays we observe him practicing time management & discipline. We are thankful to Marwadi College for the same.

    Rajendra M Dasani (Parent of Jay Dasani)
  • Every day parents send their children to departing gates and wonder how they will cope without their children in the months following. When I accepted the idea of sending my child abroad, I was very much scared. I knew about the challenges he would face, but I also knew that it will be the first step towards his success. He will gain more experience and knowledge. I am thankful to Marwadi University, to providing this such a golden opportunity.

    Mrs Rupal Savani (Parent of Priyanka Savani)

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