iOS Application Development

iOS Application Development

To be able to understand the process of developing software for the mobile
To be able to create mobile applications on the iOS Platform
Course Duration Course Fees
130 Hours 3000


Object Oriented Fundamentals

Course Content

Introduction to iOS Platform

Introduction to XCode and Simulator

Swift and iOS Playground

Inside Cocoa Touch

Exploring Interface Builder

Model-View-Controller Application Design

Working with Text, Handling Images, Animation, Sliders and Steppers

Using Advanced Interface Object and Views

Getting the User’s Attention

Implementing Multiple Scenes and Popovers

Choices with Toolbar and Pickers

Advanced Storyboards Using Navigation and Tab Bar Controllers

Navigating Information Using Table Views and Split View Controllers

Reading and Writing Application Data

Building Responsive User Interfaces

Using Advanced Touches and Gestures

Sensing Orientation and Motion

Working with Rich Media

Interacting with Other iOS Device

Implementation Location Service

Building Background- Ready Application

Universal Applications and Size class

Application Tracing, Monitoring and Debugging

Opportunities and Skillset

iOS/Application Developers
Mobile Developers
Senior Software Engineer
Tech Lead
iOS Developer
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