The Department of Music and Dance is a dynamic and vibrant center of artistic exploration and expression within our university. Here, students immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of melodies, rhythms, and movements under the guidance of experienced faculty members. The department offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers theoretical knowledge and practical skills, allowing students to develop their musical and dance abilities to their fullest potential. From classical masterpieces to contemporary choreography, students engage in a diverse range of artistic pursuits, fostering creativity and innovation. Through performances, workshops, and community outreach initiatives, the department cultivates a spirit of collaboration and service, enriching both the campus community and the broader society. As a nurturing and supportive environment, the Department of Music and Dance inspires students to pursue their passions and aspirations, preparing them for successful careers and lifelong engagement with the arts.

Department Of Performing Arts (Cultural Club MEFGI)

MEFGI is one of the very few colleges having a separate Department of Performing Arts. Performing Arts Consists of Music & Dance. This department is also called as Cultural Club of MEFGI, which is the most happening place where students are given training in Music and Dance by trained Music Teacher and Dance Teacher. It is indeed a matter of pride and pleasure that MEFGI is one of the very few technical campuses where such activities are given due importance and there are well qualified, trained and dedicated staff members who train students professionally.

Facilities Available


The Music Department at Marwadi University boasts state-of-the-art facilities catering to both Indian and Western musical traditions, offering students a comprehensive platform to explore their artistic inclinations. Equipped with a diverse array of instruments ranging from traditional tabla, and harmonium to Western staples like Keyboard, guitar, Drums , the department ensures that students have access to the tools necessary to hone their craft. These facilities are not just spaces for practice, but hubs of creativity where students can experiment, collaborate, and refine their skills under the guidance of expert faculty members. Additionally, the department offers an open elective subject, providing students with the opportunity to delve deeper into specific areas of interest or explore interdisciplinary studies that complement their musical education. Whether students aspire to master classical ragas or delve into jazz improvisation, the Music Department at Marwadi University provides the resources and support needed for them to excel in their musical journey.

Musical Instruments Taught

African Drums ( D-jembe)


At Marwadi University, the Dance Department offers a diverse and comprehensive curriculum encompassing various dance forms from around the world. From the energetic rhythms of Western dance styles such as ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop to the rich cultural heritage of folk dances representing different regions of India, students have the opportunity to explore and master a wide range of techniques and movements. Additionally, the department introduces students to the vibrant tapestry of international dances, including Latin, African, and Asian styles, allowing them to immerse themselves in diverse cultural expressions. Through rigorous training, performances, and creative collaborations, students not only develop their technical proficiency but also gain a deeper appreciation for the art of dance as a universal language of expression and connection. The Dance Department at Marwadi University provides a nurturing and inclusive environment where students can flourish as dancers, and Artists.

Dance Forms Taught

Western Dance (All Forms)
Folk Dance


The achievements of the Music and Dance Department at Marwadi University are numerous and commendable, reflecting the dedication and talent of its students and faculty.
Every year our National and International students represent our University at the national Level in the field of Music and Dance participating in National Level competitions and winning trophies.
Our musicians have composed original pieces that resonate with audiences worldwide.
The department’s ensembles have performed at prestigious events, earning standing ovations.
Students have represented the university in intercollegiate competitions, bringing home trophies and honors.
Our faculty members have been recognized for their contributions to the arts through awards and publications.
The department has hosted renowned guest artists and choreographers, enriching the learning experience for all.

Including – MOU with National Level cultural Body SPIC MACAY

Through innovative collaborations, our performers have showcased the fusion of diverse dance and musical traditions.
Alumni of the Music and Dance Department have gone on to pursue successful careers in the entertainment industry.
Community outreach programs have brought the joy of music and dance to underserved populations, making a positive impact on society.
The department’s productions have received critical acclaim for their creativity, professionalism, and artistic integrity.
African students from Marwadi University captivating audiences nationwide with a powerful rendition of ‘Vande Mataram’ and represented at the National Level Twice
The Music Department of Marwadi University shines brightly as it receives a prestigious national-level award for crafting the best voting awareness song, a testament to its commitment to social responsibility and creative excellence. This accolade underscores the department’s ability to harness the power of music to inspire positive change and civic engagement on a national scale.
Marwadi holds a NATIONAL RECORD of organising an event on occasion of hanuman jayanti wherein 837 students sang Hanuman Chalisa together in same tune and same rhythm. This Record was certified by WORLDS AMAZING RECORDS.

Training Sessions

At Marwadi University, students are provided with comprehensive training sessions in both Indian classical and Western music, ensuring a well-rounded musical education. Under the guidance of experienced faculty members, students delve into the intricate nuances of Indian classical music, learning the fundamentals of ragas, talas, and traditional compositions. Through rigorous practice and theory sessions, they develop proficiency in instruments such as the tabla, and harmonium, while also refining their vocal techniques. Simultaneously, students explore the rich heritage of Western music, studying music theory, notation, and harmony. They receive training in playing instruments like the piano, guitar, and Drums, as well as vocal training in various genres such as classical, and Voice Culture Training providing them platforms at various Events at the university and Outside university. These training sessions not only equip students with technical skills but also foster creativity, expression, and a deep appreciation for the diverse musical traditions of the world.

Music as Open elective subject

At Marwadi University, the open elective subject “Music” offers students the opportunity to delve deeper into the theory, history, and practice of music across various genres and traditions. This elective provides a flexible and enriching learning experience, allowing students from diverse academic backgrounds to explore their passion for music. Through a combination of lectures, discussions, and hands-on activities, students gain a comprehensive understanding of musical concepts, styles, and techniques. They may choose to focus on specific areas of interest such as classical music, , world music, or music technology, tailoring their studies to align with their individual interests and career goals. Whether students are aspiring musicians, music enthusiasts, or simply curious learners, the open elective subject “Music” at Marwadi University offers a platform for creative expression, intellectual growth, and cultural exploration.

MU Music Studios (Music recording Studio)

Marwadi University takes pride in its cutting-edge music recording studio, serving as a dynamic hub for budding singers and musicians to bring their artistic visions to life. Equipped with state-of-the-art recording equipment and technology, the studio provides students with a professional-grade environment to produce high-quality music projects. Whether aspiring vocalists or instrumentalists, students have the opportunity to showcase their talents and creativity while receiving guidance and support from experienced faculty members. The studio serves as a launching pad for various music projects, including albums, singles, soundtracks, and more, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in the music production process from start to finish. Through this platform, Marwadi University empowers its students to explore their musical potential, express themselves authentically, and pursue their dreams in the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.


The Music and Dance Department at Marwadi University takes great pride in fostering a vibrant and inclusive campus community by initiating celebrations of various festivals, including Ganpati Utsav, Navaratri, and many more, in collaboration with enthusiastic students. These initiatives serve as vibrant cultural platforms where students from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate and embrace the rich tapestry of Indian traditions. Through collaborative efforts, students actively participate in organizing and performing traditional dances, musical renditions, and cultural activities that showcase the essence of each festival. These celebrations not only promote cultural diversity but also foster a sense of unity, camaraderie, and mutual respect among students, enriching their educational experience beyond the classroom. By engaging students in these festivities, the Music and Dance Department creates meaningful opportunities for cultural exchange, creativity, and community engagement, contributing to the holistic development and well-being of the university community.

Music Highlights

Students are provided professional training for playing instruments like Harmonium, Keyboard, Drums, Tabla, Electronic Drums, African Drums, that are played solo as well well as companion instruments in various music and dance composition.

Indian Classical and Western Genre
Voice Training & Singing Sessions for competitions and events

Dance Highlights

Students are trained in Classical Dance form Kathak, and other Indian dance forms along with various western dances as well. They are trained in folk, salsa, hip-hop, classical and are also given opportunities to perform at various events, competitions, and celebrations.Students are trained in Classical Dance form Kathak, and other Indian dance forms along with various western dances as well. They are trained in folk, salsa, hip-hop, classical and are also given opportunities to perform at various events, competitions, and celebrations.


Ganpati Utsav
Navratri Celebrations
Vande Mataram Song
World Music Day

Hostel Facilities

24×7 Securities
Well-furnished rooms

Wi-Fi Internet facility
Indoor games (Carom, Badminton etc)
Laundry Facility

Library collection of national/international newspapers, magazines, etc. from morning 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
Hostel facilities for strength of more than 2000 students.
Dance room

Separate gymnasium for girls and boys
Hot and Cold Water
Banking Facility

Regular meetings of the student committees and administration department.
Medical Facility

Hostel rooms are fully furnished with beds, ceiling fans and lights, study tables, chairs and inbuilt cupboards.
ATM Facility
Music room

Common room with TV & cable facility
The campus premises has a fully equipped gym and separate courts for Volley Ball, Basket Ball, and Badminton. The concerned staff looks after the university assets and ensures that the hostel remains responsive all the time.

Other Facilities

Advanced Labs &
Research Facilities


Sport Club

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Music and Dance

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