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At Marwadi University, efforts are continuously being made to offer students a well-rounded campus life. Not only are we focused on the academic excellence of the students but we are also committed to providing an integrative learning experience to each of them. State-of-the-art facilities, student clubs and regular community events are part of the campus life at Marwadi University.




Various activities round the year involve students and keep them engaged. With these activities, they learn to be a part of a team, a community, and explore their interests. There is no limit to participation and involvement. They can be a part of everything, making them dynamic.

ACE Your Game

Unravel your potential and stay at the top of your game with a wide range of sport facilities on our campus. Spread across 5 acres, we house extensive facilities like individual courts and grounds for Football, Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball and Athletics.


Aimed at developing a student’s personality through community service, the NSS MEFGI Unit has donated more than 2500+ blood bottles, 4000+ clothes donation, 40+ tree plantation projects, 10+ school education programme, 5+ village visits, and awareness programmes. Key Benefits

Getting to know society’s actual problems and being humble towards them.
Development of confidence through various activities of exposure.
Giving a hand in helping society at a personal level.
Marwadi University is proud to have a wing of NCC with 80 Boy Cadets and 55 Girl Cadets strength, engaged in grooming the youth of the country into disciplined and patriotic citizens. Key Benefits

Inculcation of Discipline among students.
Getting trained to live in a physically challenging environment.
Mock training for students interested to pursue various Government exams that have physical test.
From top notch sports infrastructure to advanced research labs and pre-eminent library resources there is so much to explore. With a total of 50-acre spread, 4 acres are completely dedicated to sports facilities. With various labs dedicated to different courses, students get exposure to an industry-like atmosphere where they can learn well. Guinness World Record holding libraries are full of learning resources to explore.
With students from more than 51 countries, Marwadi University has one of the most diverse campuses in the country. 1700+ students come from various regions of the world including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Mauritius, Malaysia, Nepal, Namibia, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Thailand, Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia.


At Marwadi University, students have the added benefit of academic exchange programmes as well as research internships to ensure they have international exposure. 25+ MoUs with foreign institutions and universities that facilitate Student Exchange Programmes as well as Faculty Exchange Programmes. Expert visiting faculty are hosted to deliver sessions on diverse subjects, giving a global perspective to students.
We believe in a holistic approach to education. Our campus is always buzzing with cultural activities, alongside seminars and academic conferences. Students not only enjoy various Indian festivals but also International festivals and days. There are cultural events like MU Fest, MUs Got Talent, Alumni Meet, Janmashtami celebration, Independence day celebrations, Ganesh Chaturthi and so on. Other academic events that take place are Manthan, Abhivyakti, Moot Court and alike.
Explore and enhance your skill-set with more than 30 distinguished student clubs ranging from academics to culture and sports that you can choose from. Clubs are related to describe the culture at the campus and are defined by various interests of students. Marwadi is famous for the vibrant campus and has clubs of various domains like Astronomy, Networking, Cisco, Movie, Cultural and Innovation club, Construction Club, Music Club, Fitness Club, Public-Speaking Club, and many more.


A modern build-up, 24×7 security, fully equipped gymnasium and the finest residential facilities ensure a healthy and comfortable environment for you. Indian and International outstation students live together in harmony and have the best evenings, weekends to celebrate their hostel life with zeal.

Remarkable Achievements by Marwadi University

Students at Marwadi University continue to excel in various fields from Science & Technology to Sports and Cultural events. With multiple opportunities and platforms to showcase their talent, Marwadi University never ceases to amaze!

Exhilarating an Exciting
Campus Events


Our campus is always bustling with numerous events and activities. There is something for everyone to explore.
Be it sports, culture, academic or social; our students are always participating in various events across the spectrum.

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